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I asked you to ask, and you asked.

Sabres... Sergio Ramos... Top Gun 2... I'm mad at WestWorld

So... where to begin?


Glenn Huey @SabresFan66 - Perhaps an over/under on Sabres wins this coming season, and will Dahlin win ROTY?

Over/Under - 39

I checked last year’s standings to see what would be just on the doorstep of the playoffs.  Now if you’re asking me, I’ll tell you that with the right moves they can make the playoffs THIS year.  That’s been true of the team for the last three years.  Enter year four of “Please make the right moves because teams do go from terrible to the postseason fairly regularly”.

It’s just like “Trust the process” but a little more cumbersome.

I don’t think Dahlin will win the Calder Trophy.  If I were to bet, I’d be picking guys that are older.  The NHL rookie of the year is occasionally a right out of juniors or whatever, but it’s just as frequently someone that sat for a year or two and then blows it up.  Think about Matthew Barzal this past season who was a freak show for the Islanders.  I’d always give the edge to a guy that’s a year or two from the draft, and I’d give it to a forward over a d-man too.  Only four defenseman since 1990 have been the ROY.

It’d be great, and he’s in the mix… I just wouldn’t necessarily expect it.


Tim Converse @Tconverse_ - Why do you hate the randomness of hockey? I'm talking deflections, shots through legs, etc.  I always shake my head when you bring it up.

I love this question!  The main reason I love it is that it’s something I say a lot on the air, and Tim wants to know where I’m coming from on it.  Perfect.

Randomness is a tricky thing.  You most certainly need some in the world of sports, right?  If we could look at the teams on paper we might see that the odds of Team A beating Team B are 99.5%.  But “that’s why they play the games”, right?

Randomness can make things fun.  However, the NHL is the sport of the major four that falls victim to it the most.  A goal in an NHL game is such a significant event, and when too many of them are the result of a butt bounce, skate bounce, or shot through traffic that the goalie never sees… it can work against the game.

You want the best teams to win.  You want your title-holders to be the best team.  You want reliable results.  In hockey randomness sometimes takes over as a strategy.  Analytics on the surface with Corsi became a bet that about probabilities.  If a team can “out-Corsi” another, they can probably count on scoring a butt goal. 

Think about all the times hockey mantras involve randomness over skill with stuff like “Pucks to the net” and “Traffic in front”.  There are plenty of analysts that think any shot is a good shot because ya never know.

It’s a delicate dance between probablities and randomness, but what you want… or what I want… is skill.  Give me skill.  Give me skill v. skill with as little randomness as possible.  The hot goalie is fun.  It’s great.  But in a case where Jaro Halak and the Montreal Canadiens beat the top seeded Caps in the opening round of the series… a random run for a hot goalie writes a story about Alex Ovechkin that just isn’t true.

It has a home in sports, but in hockey I feel it’s sometimes too much.


Conor @ConorFlynn - Who is best: MJ, Lebron, Kobe?

NOT KOBE.  Was funny to see him tweet-sert himself into the convo with this beauty.

Sorry Mamba.  Uh uh.


Glenn @KonaDreamssssss - Do we have a line on the @hsimon62 pull up challenge? Is there a number he can do that will make you eat a hard boiled egg?

Howard does a pull-up - +1000

Howard hangs from bar and does not move three inches vertically - EVEN

Howard does 3 pull-ups - I eat a hard boiled egg


Brad @BradTheBarrel - Give me a 10 song summer playlist.

Ok I’m going to cheat a bit on this one.  Getting you ready with a summer song playlist is tough for me to do because I’m not great on keeping up with new music.  Truth is, my musical tastes and purchases are 100% determined by the songs they put in the new FIFA games.  So, I’ll be waiting til FIFA 19 comes out for my new set of songs and artists that I’m introduced to.

That said, I’m just going for the new Beck album.  Yes, some of the tracks are on FIFA 18, and YES, that’s how I came to know and love them.  The album, “Colors”, is rock solid start to finish.  It’s my go to yardwork/headphones stuff.  It’s great driving music.  Good on a boat, a beach, a barbecue.  

Beck - Colors

Now… if I can just find a way to get to see him at the Allbright Knox*

*Not a shameless plea for tickets.  I feel some shame.


(An)drew @DrewCanady - Is Sergio Ramos the dirtiest player in any sport? Asking for a friend @theycallmedubs

No.  Would I be wrong for wanting to put Diego Costa above him?  

The dirtiest player list includes, in no particular order … Brad Marchand, Draymond Green, Tom Brady (the cheating), about 100 NHL players like Zac Rinaldo, and Radko Gudas in a 100-way tie, and then tons of offensive linemen and what they do in the trenches.

Ramos’ move on Mo Salah in the Champions League final was… dirty?  I guess?  Sure it’s a rough ride he gives him but there’s some reputation in there.  It’s a foul, but didn’t really appear to me to be an intent to injure.  I could be convinced otherwise I suppose.  I’m just glad to hear that Salah is looking good for Egypt at the World Cup.


Tim Hirschbeck @TimHirschbeck - If the plot of Top Gun 2 involves Maverick meeting, fighting, and ultimately mentoring a mysterious young hot-headed pilot who ultimately turns out to be Goose’s son, and they wind up fighting some Russians at the end, how in the world can you not buy a ticket to see that movie?

I’m not seeing it.  I can’t.  Someone tweeted to me the exact breakdown of why.  It’ll be a Jerry Bruckheimer cheesy line fest.  The original was shot with documentary filmmakers doing the dogfighting scenes.  I can’t envision myself going to see it unless it’s got at least a 85% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

Then again... I'm going to see Solo tonight, and I just made a note to check out the new Cobra Kai series on Youtube Red so... I'm a sucker sometimes.


Mark Goodwin @mgoodwi4 - Need your thoughts on Westworld this season

Mark.  I’m not happy.  This past week’s episode was particularly tough.  It was a cheesy Jerry Bruckheimer action movie.  It was a friggin mess (with some good plot stuff mixed in).

I can’t take Charlotte Hale and her overacting.  The cheesy lines.  The stuff they’re throwing at us… it’s like I’m hearing the one liners from Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage in “The Rock”.

The show has deviated from the brainy, good v. evil, true nature of man philosophy fest into an action film.  There’s everything from torture porn, to wildly unnecessary action sequences.

I can’t take Charlotte Hale and her overacting.  The cheesy lines.  The stuff they’re throwing at us… it’s like I’m hearing the one liners from Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage in “The Rock”.

The show has deviated from the brainy, good v. evil, true nature of man philosophy fest into an action film.  There’s everything from torture porn, to wildly unnecessary action sequences.

I’m hoping they can pull it out of this place they’ve put it in.


Season 1 was a masterpiece.

Season 2… doesn’t look like anything to me


John - @johnwluke 

What is the status on you having a non-sports focused podcast?

WGR’s new platform with the app (we’re working out some bugs) is a much more podcast-friendly format.  For those of you that use the audio vault regularly, once we get things set up it should be an upgrade.  Have a meeting about some podcast content coming up this week, and I’m thinking that moving forward you may have the ability to subscribe to my non-sports one.  Still playing around in my head on what it will be.  

I got a lot of feedback, with some hoping that it won’t be “partisan” or one-sided yadda yadda.  It’ll be me.  But I’m ready willing and able to have conversations with the other side on any issue.  I won’t promise complete down the middling of it.  It’ll be me.  I have strong feelings and I’m not out to dull those for the sake of a conversation.  Moreso I envision it being tough conversations, and important topics.


Joe @BuffaloWins - Mount Rushmore of wrestling. Go.

Taker, Rock, Austin, Macho Man

Don't @ me.




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