Titans at Bills: Sal's keys, notes and stats

October 06, 2018 - 10:45 pm

Here are three key storylines to watch when the Bills face the Titans Sunday in Orchard Park:

1.  Protecting Josh

Josh Allen was sacked seven times last week.  The Bills, as a team, lead the league with 21 sacks given up.  When Allen has had time to throw, he’s done well (see: second half of Packers game).  But he’s also often just as much at fault for not having that time, holding on to the ball too long and not seeing blitzers well enough before the snap.  But no matter who’s to blame, the bottom line is Allen doesn’t only need more time in the pocket, he needs that time to be clean.  The Bills’ offensive line has to step up in a big way against a Titans team that loves to blitz and will most likely do it over and over again until Allen proves he can beat it…..or they prove they can block it.  Short passes, hot reads, and having the running game working would be a great formula for that.

2.  About that running game…..

Seems like this is one of my keys every week now.  And that’s because it just hasn’t been there the way the Bills need it to be.  Right now they rank 24th in rushing yards per game (88.3) and 26th in yards per play (3.6).  As mentioned above, a good running game would be the best friend of Josh Allen.  And the best way to get that running game going is to make sure LeSean McCoy has more than five carries, which is what he had last week in Green Bay.  McCoy has only 21 carries on the season and only 29 touches overall.  Not enough.

3.  Be ready for anything

The Titans have a diverse offense.  They’ll use their running backs a lot in the passing game and QB Marcus Mariota is a terrific athlete who will run.  They’ll also give him the option to run or pass as he rolls out and looks downfield.  Bills’ linebackers and defensive backs have to be disciplined enough to stay with their man, in their zone, or giving chase, whichever their role is called for.


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