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August 10, 2018 - 2:57 pm

I took the preseason pledge so, I reserve the right to say that all of these musings are…well.. possibly pointless?  BUT that’s not gonna stop me from firing off whatever comes into my noggin through this game. 

Basically… these are all the things I would have tweeted.

Here we go!


First up, the Peterman part!

-Peterman is starting.  That’s a surprise.  The thing I’m watching for with him, is whether or not he can deliver the ball to the sidelines.  I don’t think he can.  Peterman’s five interception performance in San Diego is generally the thing people remember the most, but I’m going to keep going back to the end of the playoff game in Jacksonville.  The Bills were alive in the game when Peterman threw a decisive pick that just didn’t have the velocity to get to the target.  Can he operate in a fast anticipating scheme?  Possibly… I just don’t think he has the arm to make all the throws.

- I just saw the Saquon Barkely run and… yeah ok he’s gonna be good- nChristian McCaffery just fumbled and they missed the call.  Football is back!

- Always nice to see a familiar face in the officiating crew.  Isn’t that that Clete guy?   Clete definitely means Cletus right?  Do all guys named Cletus go by Clete, and has there been an increase in this as a direct result of The Simpsons’ character Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel?

- Peterman a perfect 7/7 on the opening drive and with some throws that are… not nothing.  Shots down the field… Benjamin looking healthy and energized.  That was… yes that was good.

- I’m…. enjoying this?

- Peterman’s night ends with an INT off the hands of Chris Ivory.  Seeing a lot of “not on NP there” but I don’t agree.  It’s a short crossing route… the onus is on the QB to lead the receiver, or take a little off the throw.  It’s trying to catch a fastball from in tight so… both at fault.  Could Ivory have caught it?  Yeah.  But that’s an easier throw than it is a catch so, that one is on Peterman to me.


AJ McCarron time!

- Nathan Peterman answered some questions I have had about his arm (I know, I know… it’s preseason and I’ve taken the pledge.  I’m just saying I had to address the fact that I don’t think he has the arm strength and then he made some throws that I think can be problematic for him).  My issue with McCarron… timing.  He doesn’t seem to deliver the ball as quickly.  He’s taken sacks at a higher rate than Andy Dalton in Cincy, and at camp that’s been something to watch too.

- First play sack… blitz off the edge and he stepped into the pocket, didn’t throw the ball, and there ya go.

- Second play… deep drop, taking too much time, and dump off.

- 19 yard gain to Rod Streater… Great job climbing the pocket.  Feels like the QB competition is on.

- Say what you will about this offense, and I’ve said often that I expect it to be very bad… but tonight Brian Daboll should hit the town cause he won’t pay for a single drink.  This offense has a sharp look to it, and if it’s this multiple in the regular season, it feels like a step in the right direction.  One thing to note… they’re not running that much because they’re A) In a QB battle and B) without LeSean McCoy.

- Drive wraps with a FG and Twitter is full of Baker, Tyrod, Lamar Jackson highlights.  Josh Allen is still on the bench, and we’ll see what he con do shortly.  But Allen’s time with this team will always be compared to the other guys he’s connected to.  Rosen and Darnold.. .Mahomes and Watson.  Fun time to be an NFL fan with so many highly touted QBs.

- I’m sorry that I’m not really talking about the defense but… no I take that back.  I’m not sorry.  They’ll probably be fine.

- Murphy caps a drive with a TD run… he’s starting to look like a nice little find for the Bills.

- Rob Stone is calling this game, and I’m not here to say he’s getting a little excited for the touchdown calls in a preseason game, but I wonder if he bet 50 large on the over.

- Reviewing a catch inside the 2 minute warning in a half that just won’t seem to end.  Remember when I said I was enjoying this?   I’m not anymore.  Please bring on Josh Allen.



Josh Allen time!

- We just saw the real life version of Uncle Rico throwing a football over the mountains.  Ok so now the Bills just have to clone Randy Moss.  Here's the thing... if Allen is going to be a freak of nature stretching the field, then the Bills #1 need is a WR that can be...well... Randy Moss.  Benjamin is a big target, but he's not fast enough and isn't really a deep threat in the same way.  Benjamin is a big target.  The Bills need a vertical passing threat with size to be the freak show down the field.  Easier said than done getting one of those though.

- The throw turned heads but... ya know, it was a 3 and out.

- Allen’s been pretty good through this game… making smart check downs and hitting his spots.  An encouraging game from the entire group of QBs… the ball hasn’t hit the turf too much.

- Happy to see McDermott letting Allen lead the offense through a 4th down play.  The kicker’s nickname is Hausch Money, he doesn’t need the work in the preseason, but your young QB does.  Like the call.

- It didn’t go well

- The Panthers ensuing drive lasted an hour and the third quarter ended.  I’m fading.  

- The Allen TD to Ray-Ray was pretty solid... I guess I'd say that McCloud and Reilly looked pretty good throughout.









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