A rant and a rave

April 18, 2017 - 12:41 pm

Two things from this morning's show to stick with me today... A rant, and a rave.


In case you missed it this morning, right out of the gate I kind of went nuts on the stupid Leafs. You see, the stupid Leafs are ruining my days and my nights. Every single day I’m forced to watch that team overachieve while living with our underachieving Sabres.

In no way does this mean we’ll be stuck in this spot forever, but sometimes things just bubble up and you freak out. Well… I was a prisoner of the moment and I don’t regret it. The stupid Leafs, are stupid, and they’re driving me nuts.  

Here’s the full segment and rant:


I’ve settled on the top 10 reasons they drive me nuts:

1.) That’s supposed to be us - I spent two years telling everyone it doesn’t have to take that long to be good.  It doesn’t.  They’re proof of it.

2.) That’s not supposed to be them - But it shouldn’t be all that surprising that it is.

3.) They won the lottery - The league is shaped more by lotteries than it is by GMs. These guys bounce around the league, in and out of jobs, until they find a cushy one with some former top picks. Or they take a job and win the drawing.

4.) They got the coach we wanted - #BabWatch was annoying.

5.) They have a Nylander - This serves as yet ANOTHER stupid measuring stick that means nothing but can be drilled into my inbox whenever some dope wants to.

6.) They ran Phil Kessel out of town for eating hot dogs and he won the Cup THE NEXT YEAR. 

7.) Their media double-standard for tanking.

8.) Buffalo was the hot up-and-comer, and we’ve been dusted in the trendy pick buzz, if nothing else.

9.) Lou Lamoriello and Shanahan - One guy has a rule about haircuts, the other spent a good degree of time watching players get head-shotted and didn’t do enough about it.

10.) Finally, and most importantly, THEY’RE ANTI-TANKERS HAVE PROBABLY SHUT UP!! Think of the glorious feeling we’ll all get when we stop yelling at each other and actually enjoy the sport again. Incredible right?!?! Anti-Tankers in Toronto (who I’m sure talked about how important winning is, and 30th is embarrassing, and said the kid wouldn’t be able to carry a team and all the straw man stuff we’ve heard for…well…FOREVER) probably just watch games and high-five tankers. Unity.


Stupid Leafs.  



The NFL schedule is set to be released Thursday night at 8 p.m. In the first Howard Picks The Bills of the 2017 season, we had Brayton concoct a schedule randomly.  It was the perfect schedule:

Week 1 - vs. Oakland Raiders

Week 2 - @ Miami Dolphins

Week 3 - @ New England Patriots

Week 4 - vs. Indianapolis Colts

Week 5 - vs. New Orleans Saints

Week 6 - @ Los Angeles Chargers

Week 7 - vs. New York Jets

Week 8 - @ Atlanta Falcons

Week 9 - vs. Miami Dolphins

Week 10 - vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 11 - BYE WEEK

Week 12 - @ Cincinnati Bengals

Week 13 - vs. Denver Broncos

Week 14 - @ New York Jets

Week 15 - @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 16 - @ Carolina Panthers

Week 17 - vs. New England Patriots


Now, it’s possible the Bills will have to finish on the road because of the upcoming World Juniors, but there’s something here I love: Early home games.

Please NFL…and Bills…and football gods…and everyone listening… PLEASE give us as many early games as possible. I don’t want December. I don’t want cold, half-empty stadiums. I don’t want half the fanbase taking a bath on tickets, hoping to sell the last 2-3 games for $20 per seat.  

I don’t expect a great season, so let’s have as many home games before Thanksgiving as possible. I’d take this schedule right now. I’d pay $100 for it.

One December game would be ideal. Nice job, Brayton. Get over to the league office.

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