Draft drama

April 20, 2017 - 6:26 am

Happy NFL Schedule day!

Happy week before the NFL Draft day!

Happy another day since either of our Buffalo sports teams have played a meaningful game leaving us with nothing to really invest ourselves in aside from who they'll pick in the draft day.

I know, it's kind of wordy and probably won't catch on. Whatever, jelly doughnuts have their own day. Pretty much everything has its own day now. But I digress.

The NFL schedule will come out later today. Maybe if we're lucky it will be possible to piece some of it together during our show this afternoon. Mike loves the puzzle of it.

Piecing together the Bills intentions at quarterback has been as interesting as ever this off season. The 2016 season wasn't even over when the Bills introduced doubt as to how they really felt about Tyrod Taylor. Benching him at the end to avoid being stuck with guaranteed money is not the way teams generally treat their "franchise" quarterbacks.

Once the offseason began, the Bills continued to treat Taylor more like a place holder than and kind of long term solution. I don't necessarily mind this, as despite two good seasons I'm of the opinion that Taylor will only take the Bills so far. Any notion that Taylor will still improve after playing 29 games the past two years preceded by four seasons on the Baltimore bench is far fetched. Taylor, I believe, is who he is. Big plays, great runner, but not so good at moving the chains through the air and mastering a varied, productive passing game. 

So why bring him back at all? Well there is something to be said for how good Taylor was, so there is that. There's also the not so small matter of replacing him. Realistically, the only place to look for any kind of a potential upgrade is through the draft. Free agent quarterbacks are a sinkhole of despair. Brian Hoyer? Shoot me.

The trick about the draft is unless you're picking at the very top, there's no way to guarantee you'll get your guy. Unless you plan to draft someone way earlier than you should, and who thinks that's a good idea?

So while the Bills were managing to convince Taylor he should come back to them on a reworked deal after just agreeing to an extension with him in August, I've been wondering if there was a college quarterback they'd love to get their hands on.

Trubisky, Watson, maybe even Mahomes? Who knows? But I've thought for months that it lines up. Here's how:

Recognize Taylor's shortcomings and realize you need to better at quarterback if you're ever going to be a consistently good or even great team.

Do you work on the college players and realize that one of them, in your opinion, has a decent chance to eventually be an upgrade over Taylor.

Know that you can't bank on being able to draft that guy so you'll need a plan in case your guys not there and maybe even like the idea of letting your rookie sit for a year anyways.

Taylor, at a guaranteed $27.5 million is awfully pricey. You work to redo his deal, all the while being open to replacing Taylor with any number of journeymen junk baller options.

Ultimately, you get Taylor to basically play for the same sort of deal you had him under in 2016. $9 million for '17. If we decide you're good enough, we'll double that to $18 million in 2018.

To me, that deal screams, "we're trying to replace you, but we're not sure we can yet so suck on this." If the Bills are able to draft their guy next Thursday, this will all be confirmed. If they don't, it won't necessarily mean they didn't want to. Oh, they'll tell us how much they like Taylor, how hard he works, all his attributes.

I won't be buying it. I think they're looking to replace Taylor. The only question is whether or not they manage to do it next Thursday or not.

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