The Bills move to Peterman was a disaster

November 19, 2017 - 7:09 pm

(WGR 550) - You have to feel bad for Nathan Peterman. In his first NFL start, he gets the game started by hitting Charles Clay for a first down on 3rd-and-3. He then puts a perfect ball on Kelvin Benjamin on a slant for another first down. After that, disaster struck.

Peterman rolled from the pocket and put a perfect pass into Patrick DiMarco’s hands. The awkward fullback popped the ball into the air like he was playing volleyball and it was intercepted about 10 yards further downfield by Korey Toomer. He took it 59-yards for a touchdown and after that, Peterman imploded.

The next time he overthrew Andre Holmes and then in an effort to avoid a sack and a possible safety by Joey Bosa, he just blindly launched the ball down the middle of the field and was intercepted by Casey Hayward.

LeSean McCoy took a little heat off of Peterman with consecutive runs of 37 and 27 yards to find the end zone, but it didn’t last long because the next time Buffalo had the ball, Peterman was hit by Bosa as he released the ball and Tre Boston picked him off.

The rookie was completely rattled, but his rookie head coach left him in and Peterman immediately delivered interception number four telegraphing a pass to Deonte Thompson. Hayward jumped the route and had his second pick.

Peterman finished the first half with five interceptions when he overthrew Thompson by a lot and was picked by Trevor Williams.

In the first half, Peterman was 6-of-14 for 66 yards and five interceptions. He was pulled for the second half, but it was way too late. Sean McDermott is still learning too.

I want to say right up front here that I’m not going to judge Nathan Peterman on one game. It didn’t go well, and some of it wasn’t his fault. The position of quarterback is only one of the problems that face McDermott and his staff. I still don't believe the future quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is even on the roster yet. In the mean time, the team has a lot of work to do.

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