The 3-2-1

July 12, 2018 - 2:06 pm

The 3-2-1 : 3 quick points to raise awareness for the NHL's desperate need to move to a 3-2-1 point system.  


3 pointer - Max Pacioretty

The Sabres should be kicking the tires on Max Pacioretty.  An established 30 goal scorer in a contract year that would fill a position of need, is most definitely something I want the Sabres to be thinking about.  Yes, yes, I know they’re also in a bit of a “trust the process” mode as Botterill continues to let youth develop and feed Rochester, but at some point he has to attempt to win games.

As the Bills tried to slay their dragon, making the playoffs, the Sabres should do the same.  They currently hold the second-longest drought in the NHL, and if Carolina does anything this year… congrats.  Buffalo will have killed a drought, and had a replacement step right in.

Should they do it?  Let’s go pros/cons


You can let him walk and not hand out that big contract to a past-his-prime scorer, or deal him at the deadline

Helps scoring

Is available

He’s in a contract year, so lots of incentive to want to put up a mess of points

Montreal dealing from everyone’s favorite, a “position of weakness”

Helps scoring

Would have been 5th on team in goals last year, in a down year, and playing 60-some games

Helps scoring

This tweet from Sean Tierney (you should follow him @Charting Hockey)

The goals

Slots other youngsters down the lineup, giving easier matchups and potentially trying to create…THREE lines?!?!



You might like having him, and watch him walk or get dealt at the deadline.  

His name is hard to spell?

The price, I suppose.


As longs as it’s not a monster deal, anyone acquiring Pacioretty is doing well for themselves.  I might consider offering the last of the Sabres 1st rounders this year… the San Jose pick is one you earned by dealing Kane for a couple months.  I’m not saying treat those picks as nothing, but at some point Jason Botterill has to prove he can put a team in the playoffs.  If it’s not this year, then is next year make-or-break?  These picks 



2 pointer - The Brilliance of the NFL

“Ratings are down cause of the anthem protests!” shouts… someone.

Here we have another classic case of deciding something is being caused, by what you want it to be caused by.  Those that hate or resent the players protesting racial injustice and police brutality like to point out that the NFL business is suffering as a result.  TV ratings are down, and it has to be because of the new politicization of the sport.  But, there just hasn’t ever been that much evidence to prove that.

Clay Travis has just released a book on how politics are ruining sports.  Apparently they’re ruining sports so much, than you can write a book on sports and politics and sell it.  He’s really got to feel like his sports are being ruined as he cashes those checks, eh?

So anyway, NFL ratings went down… and in polls asking “Why?” there are a few possible answers.  You’ll have lots people who will absolutely relish the opportunity to tell a pollster that they stopped watching football because of the kneeling, but there isn’t any follow-up to see if that’s true.  It’s equally likely that the hardcore football fan, disturbed by the protests, says he/she isn’t watching anymore just to try to get the players to stand.  They’re watching either way.  Why are ratings down?  Probably lots of reasons.  But…context helps.

NASCAR, the sport that the President congratulated for its anthem-standing, is really hurting these days.

Ratings are down 29% in just two years.  Everything is down because people have more options.  The President’s desire to turn this into an issue about disrespecting the military is one that the NFL fell for, and hard.  

How can we be sure the story of anthem-induced ratings drops is a giant myth?

Cause everything is down.

The NFL didn’t have an anthem problem… not until they brought it back and alienated their workforce with a hastily laid down policy of a few months back that didn’t include the NFLPA.

Now the NFLPA and NFL will fight about it… raising the issue yet again, and allowing those that don’t have the facts, but just the narrative, to claim it’s hurting the NFL.

Nah, it’s the NFL product and management that’s done the damage.  And all for Papa John.


1 pointer - Thoughts and Prayers to Josh Allen

LeSean McCoy is the Bills offensive identity.  He’s their offensive credibility.  If he is to miss any time at all, never mind the full season then the Bills offense would appear to be cooked.

If we’re checking boxes on what you might want for a young, raw, rookie QB, the Bills might be 0-fer

Things you’d want:

Solid offensive line with experience together

Established set of weapons at WR

Diversity of weapons at WR

Veteran QB that can hold down the fort and help teach the kid the ropes

OC that you know can succeed with young NFL QBs


Check… none of those boxes.


The one you can check?

Workhorse RB that can help in the passing game


If and when Josh Allen goes in, there’s plenty he’s battling against.  Opposing defenses, the Bills holes on offense, and now perhaps the loss of LeSean McCoy.


No pressure, kid.



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