The 3-2-1

May 03, 2018 - 3:02 pm

The 3-2-1

In an effort to raise awareness of the need for the NHL to go to a 3-2-1 scoring system, I present to you three little nuggets rolling around in my brain. Here’s the typed-out word… and below is me yammering on about it in podcast form.

You choose! Podcast at the bottom!

3.) The NHL Playoffs

I dog the NHL for the quality of the product a lot. Ok, MORE than a lot. But these NHL playoffs have been fantastic, and the obvious thing to point out is the uptick in scoring.  

But perhaps it’s more than that. We’re seeing lead changes. If you sit down to watch a game this year, it’s not over at 2-0. It’s not over at 3-0. Believing that both teams are able to win a game is tantamount to actually investing in the sport.  

Just two years ago in the Stanley Cup Final between Pittsburgh and San Jose, we watched a series that had ONE game in which both teams held the lead, and that was a game where the Sharks won in overtime.  

Six games, and in none of them did both teams possess the lead in regulation.

I realize I’m comparing the SCF to the first two rounds, but it’s just to say that I hope this year’s final looks more like these opening rounds.

Scoring is better, and lead changes make the world go round.


2.) 1-4-6-14

Just got a tweet from a guy that made it into a window sticker and put it on his car. I’m currently working up some sort of mancave wall art that will feature four ping pong balls and a screen print of Rasmus Dahlin.

The importance and the overall fun of lottery win can’t be overstated. To me, it’s more than the Sabres getting a superstar caliber defenseman. Sure that fills a huge need for the team, and we can dream of them turning things around and being a dominant team going forward. I realize that there’s still a lot of work for Jason Botterill to do, but more things seem possible now.

Just to have been alive to see Buffalo win a drawing seems… like a moment to remember. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that are saying over and over that nothing ever goes our way, but now we have to shed that.

No more can we say “Buffalo doesn’t get any breaks”. I think we have to ditch that for the entirety of Dahlin’s career, right?

Unless, of course, he ends up as a B-U-SHOOOOOOOT me.


1.) WestWorld

These are thoughts I have on WestWorld… just randomly jotted down the other day. Kinda reads like a rundown of what I’ll ramble on about in the attached podcast 

Mr. Delos the old guy, is great. He’s in Ozark. The scene with Mr. Delos and William is fantastic in that it shows just how much the trip to WestWorld has changed the younger William. From meek wallflower, to someone prepared to stand up to his father-in-law and boss. To insult him in an effort to sway his decision... 

Logan, on drugs, forecasting the annihilation of the human race to a superior species, robots. And in this show there are some very big theories on creation. Why does Arnold have such an affinity for Dolores… why does he in season one say they can’t open the park, it’s because he believes that she’s ALIVE. He’s created her. He’s god in this, watching over his flock in a way. Arnold feels like the creationist for Dolores, while for Ford it's more of a God-like setting in motion of man vs. machine.

I bet the weapon that Dolores refers to is tied to it… a kill switch? She knows about it.  The man in black seems to know about it… going to a place to burn the whole thing down. It must be a built in manual override.

How about that cheat code for the Man in Black

The show’s use of music.

I’m a little lost on Maeve right now, and what she’s doing. Searching for her daughter no doubt, and a subtle thing in there is that her daughter is in a family friendly part of the park.

The scene in Pariah is tremendous… Man in black playing the game, but Ford’s coding won’t allow him to mass any help. Plenty of reason to believe that perhaps ALL of this is part of Ford’s code. Perhaps he saw the ruination of the human race coming with this, and decided that rather than play god and kill off all of the HOSTS… he would allow survival of the fittest to prosper. Give the hosts the power to kill, and let the superior species come out on top.

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