The 3-2-1

April 12, 2017 - 3:12 pm

The 3-2-1


Tim Murray’s presser today was chock full of good stuff to chew on.  Here are my two big takeaways from that and something that Sean McDermott does, that some of you or your loved ones might do, that might drive you nuts.

Hello and welcome back to another edition of the 3-2-1.  I make three quick points, while always trying to raise awareness for the NHL’s  terribly desperate need to change its point system.  Let’s roll.


3 - Timing is everything

First a note on new Bills HC Sean McDermott… if you missed his appearance with us this morning you don’t yet know that the coach is a crazy person.  Ok, ok, I’m kidding… but I’ve said before that I think that people that set clocks ahead ON PURPOSE are insane.

During his visit this morning I noticed that McDermott’s watch said 7:31, when the correct time was 7:27.  I asked him, and he laughed about it.  McDermott pointed out that every clock at One Bills Drive will be correct, but he’ll have the watch running fast.

He’s a crazy person.  That said, I know he’s not alone.  I’m sure there are other crazy people reading this who set their car clocks ahead to get the feeling that they’re running late, only to get to their destination/meeting on time.  It’s kinda like that whole Tom Coughlin time where you’re late if you show up on time.  What Coughlin should do, is take all his players watches and phones, and change the times.  Everybody wins!

Setting your own clock ahead on purpose makes you nuts. 

Kidding… kinda.


2 - Apparently leadership is an issue, but it’s also not.


Tim Murray spoke on the leadership of his team and how things have to get better.  That’s nothing you don’t hear from time to time, particularly with losing teams.  However, my favorite nugget from Murray on leadership was his claim that it’s wildly OVERRATED on teams that win the Cup, or win in the playoffs.  Murray’s point, to me, was effectively a point about culture.  Does the Cup winning team have it?  Do they have leadership?  Yeah sure they do… lots of teams do.  The winning sure makes you talk about it an awful lot more though.  It was quick.  It was hidden in there with a lot of other stuff.  It was a beautiful little look into how much he knows that winning is what is really measured.  So much of the rest of it, is the story we tell after the fact.


1 - So… they still employ Dan Bylsma?


“Maybe they can put a coffee in their hand once in a while and do two hours of video instead of three and get out and get to know our players, talk to our players.  It’s about coaching individuals a little more and coaching system a little less.”

This is the kind of thing that people in my position tend to hear second or third hand.  I’ll get this from my guy that knows a guy that knows a guy.  Instead this came from the team’s general manager.  Two years into his tenure with the Sabres, the guy that picks (and in theory fires) the coach is of the opinion that the coach doesn’t coach appropriately.

All those rumblings of a disconnect… instantly real.


Anybody got an idea how to fix the locker room, and the style of the coaching?  Cause I do.


I came out of that press conference stunned that they haven’t fired their coach.  I’d be willing to bet they’re flirting with replacement options, and if they find the right one, they’ll pull the trigger. 
If that’s not the case, then they’re either betting that Dan Bylsma will change his style… or shying away from firing him for fear of embarrassment or financial burden.  


You have a young team.  You have young stars.  You need the right coach for player development.  Today the GM said the guy they have doesn’t do it the way he wants him to. 


Find someone who will.





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