You Said It - 8/12

August 12, 2018 - 10:51 am

The first Bills preaseason game in 2018 is in the books, and there is a lot for us to comment on!

Lucky for you, WGR 550 is here and we love hearing all of your opinions on the Bills, Sabres and what else is going on in sports locally and nationally.

So with that, Here are some of the best takes from the week!


A McDavid or Matthews Trade?

- Hey, You never know... Wayne Gretzky got traded!


What's your take on men wearing flip flops?

- We'll leave that one right here....


What's the real reason Skinner approved a deal to Buffalo?

- We wouldn't rule this out!


How would you compare shooting a 77 at Deleware Golf Course?

- I don't know you, but I'm confident saying your Golf game is better than mine!


Where would you rank Jack Eichel among the best Centers in the league?

- Zing! we love the creativity...


How would you describe Jeremy's "wheeeeee"

- Classic commercial....


Somebody must ahve WGR's Joe Dibiase confused with somebody else....

- We don't know who that is?


Comparing a Napolean Dynamite character to a Bills rookie Quarterback....

-Uncle Rico may have something to say about that!


A preseason pledge!

- Let's hope you had a long lasting New Year's Resolution!


Nathan Peterman started the Bills first preseason game and this guy is not happy about it!

- I'm guessing he doesn't own a Peterman jersey....


Josh Allen got his first glimpse of NFL action in Preseason Game Number One....and...

- Patience is tough for that guy, but NOT for our final texter:

- #bust


Keep your takes coming and maybe you could be featured on our next edition of "You Said it!"  Be sure to text us at 550-550 or hit us up on Twitter, @WGR550.

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