You Said It - 08/19

August 19, 2018 - 8:57 am

The Buffalo Bills received bad news from their last preseason game as both AJ McCarron and Kyle Williams suffered injuries.

Thankfully for Bills fans, WGR is here as a source to share your frustrations with!

In addition to the injuries, we discussed many things during the week like nicknames for the secondary, Quarterback talk, Bills greats and much more!

Here are some of the best takes from the week that was from the loyal listeners!


WGR is always a great listen but If we have a bad show....

-Well.... regardless... Thanks for listening!


A blast from the past!

-I'm sure that bobblehead is quite the conversation starter...


We're entertaining suggestions for Bills secondary nicknames.....

- Now that's clever!


Other nominees...

-Our vote still goes to "Chef Poyer's D"


Bills Collector's was a popular one until.....

- Nice catch Daniel!


A Bills great's nephew has a good preseason game and.......

- We can't say we didn't see that coming!


Since Jeremy owned up to the bet about eating a flip flop if Vegas Golden Knights made the playoffs...

- What other use could he have for the other one?


Respect Eric Moulds...

- We can't disagree!


What exactly is "Western New York"?

- So.... where's Central New York?


and finally.... Panic after A.J. McCarron's injury!

- Let's at least cut out a bretahing hole in the bubble wrap!


Keep your takes coming and maybe you could be featured on our next edition of "You Said it!"  Be sure to text us at 550-550 or hit us up on Twitter, @WGR550.

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