Williams: "[Josh Allen] is only going to get better"

December 03, 2018 - 4:59 pm

The start of the work week marked another Buffalo Bills Football Monday in this NFL season, and as usual defensive tackle Kyle Williams graced the airwaves for a chat with Schopp & the Bulldog.  Williams recapped yesterday's tough loss to the AFC East foe Miami Dolphins, and the weekly growth of Josh Allen.

Here is some of the best from Williams' time on WGR Sports Radio 550.


Williams on the defense in 2018-19:

"If you look at what we've done this year, we've played some really good defense... but we haven't held up our end of the bargain with turnovers and we still have to be better in the red zone."


Williams on Josh Allen:

"What's exciting is what he can do with his arm, with his legs and what he can do while on the run. Plays break down, and one spy is not enough to bring him down.  He's a hard guy to play man coverage against... He can do a lot of different things at a high level.  He's only going to get better."


Williams on the penalties:

"At the most important times, we have to play hard, but also smart.  We don't want to put the team in a tough position."


Williams on Jerry Hughes' situation with the officiating:

"Jerry called him out on it.  That's something that should be looked at outside of this building.  You really don't see it much, but I haven't seen it.  Some guys have a reputation for doing that.  I think it's being looked at."


Williams on the NY Jets:

"We played [Josh] McCown the first time, and we weren't really sure who would play back then. [Sam] Darnold is more of a move-around-to-throw guy."


You can hear Williams' entire conversation below.

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