June 19, 2018 - 10:23 am

Now that Bills OTA’s and the mandatory minicamp are over, what did we learn about the Bills quarterback picture? Not much quite honestly but I still might have to adjust my WHOSDAQ plan.  For those of you that are wondering, the WHOSDAQ was created for Bills training camp back in 2015 when we were trying to gauge the competition with Tyrod Taylor, Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel.It will be back for this year’s camp.  We have to figure out how many shares of stock in each of the three quarterbacks that we want.

Going into the OTA’s I was thinking about 70% in AJ McCarron, 20% in Josh Allen and the remaining 10% in Nathan Peterman.  I don’t want to overreact to non contact workouts in the spring but I may have to tweak my plan for McCarron and Peterman.  At this point I still expect McCarron to win the job but the reports on Peterman were encouraging.  As far as Allen its clear the Bills are taking the slow and steady approach with their number one pick getting  very few reps with the ones in the workouts, at least the sessions that were open to the media.

I thought Allen would have gotten a few more reps with the ones as part of the open competition but he spent most of his time working with the threes.

I'm really curious to see how things play out at training camp.  Do the Bills get a start for each of the three quarterbacks? Will Allen get more time or get ANY time with the starters?  As it stands right now, he'd have to earn the promotion and I'm just not sure he will have enough time to win the job.

While dealing with the quarterback competition, Sean McDermott is also trying to get the starting offense ready for the regular season. The Bills head coach recently talked about having enough time in the pre-season for the number one offensive unit to build some chemistry and become a cohesive group.  I would think McDermott would want to have the starting quarterback in place before the third pre-season game, typically the game where the starters see their most extensive playing time.

If that is the plan my guess is Peterman and McCarron will battle for the right to start the pre-season opener and the runner up in that battle could start the second pre-season game.  At that point the brain trust will decide who is the best man for week number one in Baltimore.  In the meantime, Allen gets to develop at the slow and steady pace.  If he blows people away in camp practices that could certainly affect the playing time plan for the games.

The good news is the Bills are not under any kind of pressure to throw Allen out there just because he was a high first round pick. When McCarron was signed in free agency I figured, as did many of you, that he was a stop gap or bridge guy.  He'd be keeping the seat warm while the first round pick learns what it takes to play in the pros.  The stop gap/bridge guy concept will still likely take place however it might be Peterman instead of McCarron.

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