WGR Rock Vocalist Draft

May 29, 2020 - 4:05 pm

Over the years, the music world has been graced with some great rock bands and talents that people are gravitated to. But who are some of the greatest performers or vocalists of the band that are your favorites?

The afternoon crew of WGR Sports Radio 550 decided to look back on some of their favorite vocalists and draft the best ones in the WGR Rock Vocalist Draft on Friday!

This draft featured both Mike Schopp and "Sneaky Joe" DiBiase from the Dunn Tire Studios in Amherst, while Chris "Bulldog" Parker was broadcasting from his attic studios at home. In addition, the guys welcomed in music critic from The Buffalo News, Jeff Miers!

The rules are simple: pick the best rock vocalists and fill up the board.

Follow along with the festivities by using the hashtag #RockVocalistDraft on Twitter, or you can track all of the picks made below:

Round 1:

1.) Joe DiBiase (@SneakyJoeWGR): Axl Rose - Guns N' Roses

2.) Jeff Miers (@JeffMiers):

3.) Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk):

4.) Bulldog (@Bulldogwgr):

Round 2:

5.) Bulldog:

6.) Schopp:

7.) Miers:

8.) DiBiase:

Round 3:

9.) Bulldog:

10.) Schopp:

11.) Miers:

12.) DiBiase:

Round 4:

13.) DiBiase:

14.) Miers:

15.) Schopp:

16.) Bulldog:

Round 5:

17.) Bulldog:

18.) Schopp:

19.) Miers:

20.) DiBiase:

Round 6:

21.) DiBiase:

22.) Miers:

23.) Schopp:

24.) Bulldog:

Round 7:

25.) Bulldog:

26.) Schopp:

27.) Miers:

28.) DiBiase:

Round 8:

29.) DiBiase:

30.) Miers:

31.) Schopp:

32.) Bulldog:

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