Tyrod Taylor is clearly ahead of Baker Mayfield in Cleveland

June 14, 2018 - 1:47 pm

Joe DiBiase reporting

We are a few months removed from Tyrod Taylor being traded from the Bills to the Cleveland Browns for the first pick in the third round. A pick the Bills used to trade up and select linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Now in his new home, Tyrod has first overall pick Baker Mayfield lurking over his shoulder, but Taylor is doing as well as he can so far.

New Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley thinks the gap is pretty large right now between Taylor and Mayfield.

"He (Mayfield) has a long way to go. I would say it is clear that Tyrod is the leader of this team... Any time that you're a young player coming into this league, especially a quarterback, it's going to take time,''

Tyrod Taylor was always applauded for his leadership in Buffalo. It's no surprise that he's making strides in that area with the Browns. It seems very likely that Taylor will start the regular season at quarterback for Cleveland. Head coach Hue Jackson indicated before the draft even happened, that Taylor would start the entire regular season.

With weapons such as Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Corey Coleman, Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, and a pretty good offensive line on paper, Taylor has the tools to be successful this year in Cleveland.

While Tyrod is only 28 years old, this may be his last great shot to prove he's a franchise quarterback. He has certainly proven he can be a capable starter, but if he can't put up big numbers with the weapons the Browns have, it could be just backup jobs in the future. Not to mention that offensive coordinator Todd Haley generally gets really good production out of his quarterbacks.

With Baker Mayfield in the picture, Tyrod Taylor will never be the long term answer of the Cleveland Browns. His play this season could change the course of his career going forward.

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