October 11, 2018 - 3:11 pm

It's the October 11th version of the Tweetbag!

Questions, queries, comments, complaints, concerns, and criticisms all welcome here… with answers.

Let’s do it!


1.) Dynasty!

Keeper won’t be enough for me anymore. Now that I’ve jumped into both the Dynasty and Guillotine formats I have NO USE for standard leagues, and keeper leagues are going to have to be vetted.

The dynasty league that I’m in, the “League of Schopps and Dreams” has huge rosters. 12 teams have 24 players EACH and while I entered the season skeptical about just how many players would be rostered, I never want to go back.

Trades happen.  The Waiver Wire isn’t just about picking up a guy for the week… you might snag a guy that has a big week because he was a UDFA Rookie this offseason and it’s not about whether or not he has a good game… it’s about buying stocks. The waiver wire is chock full of PENNY stocks that you can dream about hitting big on.  

Guillotine is the exact opposite in that every week is all that matters, and that’s better than standard leagues do.

To hell with snake drafts. To hell with standard leagues.

Dynasty forever!


2.) Thursday’s Sabres Game

No. Larsson, who has appeared in 257 games for the Sabres has a whopping 65 points. His best season was a 17-point campaign. He’s not turned into the type of player they thought he might, and while it may be unfair to him, he’s probably one of the remaining players that signifies… the suffering. I know I was one to think that this offseason was going to be about finding a forward group good enough to push Larsson out of the lineup. Three games in I think the Sabres have done that, and tonight Phil Housley is giving him a chance to show what he’s got. This might be one last look at Larsson before finding a way to cut ties. Maybe he can find a spot on this team but I wouldn’t bet on it.  


3.) Carrying skates

Auston Matthews is probably a better player, right? Matthews and Eichel are of course two of the best young forwards in the league, and I do think we’ve seen Eichel weighed down by a team that, up to this point, was built poorly.  I guess it comes down to how much you let it bother you… it’s not like the Sabres passed on Matthews. He, like McDavid, was a lottery ticket. He’s supposed to be amazing, and he is. You might want to put Matthews down for 50 goals this year, and pencil him in for about 14 million per year when the time comes. Why do you think the Leafs are being so stingy with Nylander??? They know, they’re gonna need some CASH.


4.) Dahlin

I’ll answer in 3 parts:


He’s on the 2nd unit, and I think that will change as the season progresses because he is a passing maven.

I’ve enjoyed watching Dahlin to this point… I think he’s close to hitting his next level. When he goes full on Swedish Beast Mode remains to be seen, but I think you can see it coming.  


5.) Learn from history

He should not trade for a goalie. He should keep two, and perhaps trade the other for a young rostered/termed player that he identifies as a piece going forward.  

He should use them all, and justify keeping all three as a way to offer sheet a player next offseason. Sign some guy that costs you a one, a two, and a three, and when asked if it’s worth it.. point to the THREE firsts he used last year.


6.) Busts

I think I’m ready to define this in a few ways. To be a quarterback bust you must be:

  • A top-15 pick
  • Have your drafting team move on from you for no other reason than your play.

If Josh Allen doesn’t get a second contract, he’s a bust. If the Bills trade Allen, or elect not to sign him to a second contract because they think they can do better, that’s a bust. Now, you can get a second contract and still leave plenty to be desired, right? Flacco, Dalton, Carr, etc… But you don’t find guys getting dumped unless they’re flat out busts. The exceptions are guys that get hurt like Brees (a second rounder anyway), or… I don’t know who else. Pretty sure this would hold up. I mean it’s FIVE YEARS to decide. Most of the time the decision is made well before that. Maybe Blake Bortles is a fly in this ointment, but they re-signed him to less than the usual second contract kind of dollars you usually see.


7.) Mahomes Fears

Somewhere between… better than he does now, and worse than Patrick Mahomes.

I think we’re well into the overly defensive stage of the young quarterback cycle. There is absolutely NO reason to think that Allen would be doing what Patrick Mahomes would be doing. Really… none. Mahomes was a monster in college. Mahomes runs the show in Kansas City and those weapons are as fortunate to have him as he is to have them. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Allen has been amazing and everyone around him is letting him down. It’s just not true at this point. He needs to get better, and I hope it happens soon but… some of these comparisons are just hopes and dreams. The Goff comparison? Please… Jared Goff threw 43 touchdowns in his JUNIOR year in the Pac 12. Allen is a study all his own, as all of these quarterbacks are… and looking for connections when there aren’t any viable ones, is an exercise in trying to convince yourself of something you want to happen.

It’s gonna take time, and hopefully not too much time, to make the call on Allen.


8.) Bills' biggest need

Honestly… maybe. They probably can’t commit to it now. This is one of my big concerns about this upcoming offseason which will be all about boosting their weapons. They’ll probably aim for 2 new wide receivers (and should maybe aim for 4), and 2-3 pieces on the offensive line, while considering some new running backs too. So who’s the BEST possible option for them at the No. 1 wide receiver? Maybe it’s UB’s Anthony Johnson? Today, trading back and taking him sounds like a great idea.  

Wide receiver in free agency? At time of rating Josh Allen’s quarterback rating outside the pocket is 5.9, and his quarterback rating when facing pressure is 1.6.

It looks like they’re going to finish last in passing and convincing a top-flight wide receiver to jump on board isn’t going to be easy.

It’s another reason Allen should play. He needs to be auditioning for the league. This is a true example of “showcasing”. Find a way to throw the rock, and entice those free agent wide receiver targets.


9.) Cuse love

I’m hoping Cuse can hang on to Dino at all costs. They’re about to make huge renovations to the Dome and they need to keep the buzz around the program.

Dino does put me in a pickle though. How do you square it as a fan when you have a guy that you think is doing GREAT things for your program, but also a guy that can be SO bad with timeouts and clock management.  

Babers FLUNKED his test in Clemson in the final minutes, a game that his team nearly stole. If he called timeouts on the final Tiger drive his offense gets more of a chance to win the game. Would they have? Probably not, but I don’t know how to handle liking a coach, and knowing that he actively HURTS them during games. 


10.) Looking at the NHL

It would be great. I’m happy to see college football and basketball going this route, and the smartest North American sports league is doing it too. 

The NBA is hip. It’s way cooler than the other sports. Fan demographics look good and sustainable for the long-term. They’re not married to their jerseys, and why would they be. The most popular sports league in the world (Premier League) puts sponsors on the chest of their jerseys, and teams change their shirts every year. Every. Year. The long love affair with jerseys here is all well and good for some teams, but I see no reason to loosen things up and get with the times.

I’d like the NHL to do it, for SURE. This year we’ve seen a handful of new third jerseys too, which is good. It’s all good. 

Except for the Canes wearing the Whalers sweaters. That’s a travesty, and I barely even remember the Whale.




Full disclosure, I’m asking my wife right now to help me remember what we’ve watched…

Narcos (first two seasons)

Stranger Things (Season 2 even better than 1)


House of Cards is an honorable mention, but the last season was the most horrific piece of… I mean it was the worst season of a show I’ve ever seen. I hate-watched it on a plane. We were flying to Hawaii for our honeymoon and I insisted we watched to the end because I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I still can’t.  

Also, we just started “Maniac” last night and I’m not sure yet. Definitely different, and intriguing and the Netflix supercomputer gives me a 95-percent match rate on it. It’s… definitely different.


That’s all folks!  

Thanks again!

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