Trapasso - Allen is playing like your typical rookie quarterback

October 23, 2018 - 5:54 pm

Even though Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen is week to week with an elbow injury, there is still plenty to take from Allen's time with the starters before his injury. Chris Trapasso os CBS Sports joined Bulldog and Sal to talk more on the 7th overall pick and looked into how well Allen has played in his 5 starts, as well as looking into the other QBs in the 2018 class and looking toward some of the other elite prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft. 

On Josh Allen's first 5 starts in the NFL: 

"I think he was playing like your typical or average rookie quarterback who does have the talent and can see why he was picked in the first round. I think the game, the speed of defenses, whether he was playing good defenses or bad defenses, he wasn't really acclimated to that yet. And there were times where there were some open receivers and open first reads that he wasn't pulling the trigger on. Then there were times in small little flashes that he was doing that." 

On the Bills QB situation pressing Josh Allen into action in Week Two of the season: 

"I think that quarterbacks do learn from playing but at the same time, I think because the Bills don't have this brick wall offensive line, I think it was very risky." 

"I think this is pretty obvious, but it seems that the Bills probably should have had Derek Anderson on the roster either to start training camp... or at least after they traded A.J. McCarron."

On the fellow 2018 QB class: 

"Baker Mayfield, the last two weeks hasn't played as well as he did when he came off the bench for Tyrod Taylor against the Jets... But he looks like the most ready quarterback of the class."

"Sam Darnold, the last couple of weeks, has played a little bit better but I think you kind of see what you saw at USC: he can make some really ridiculous moves too, but he turns the ball over, there are some throws that are late because of his elongated delivery."

"Josh Rosen is in a very similar situation to Josh Allen. Not the best offensive line... he's certainly under pressure a lot but there are some of those wild throws, he hasn't been able to get comfotable."

On the 2019 WR class: 

"This receiver class, to me, is the most talented since that famous 2014 WR class... and a lot of them are seemingly what the Bills want, or at least what Brandon Beane had in Carolina with Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. They're bigger receivers that can win in the red zone and win on those contested catch situations."

"There's 3 or 4 guys that I think are not only first rounders, but are good players that can come in right away and be good."

You can hear more from Trapasso with Bulldog and Sal below: 

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