Stubb: Dahlin is 'a complete package'

June 19, 2018 - 12:34 pm

The Buffalo Sabres are getting set to kick off the 2018 NHL Draft in style on Friday with the first overall pick. With that pick, the Sabres are likely to take Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin from the Frölunda Indians of the Swedish Hockey League.

It has been noted since he entered the spotlight that he could be the best defensive prospect to enter the NHL Draft in several years.

Since the Sabres won the NHL Draft Lottery back on April 28, we have heard from several people around the hockey world on what Dahlin brings to the table and what his future holds for the Sabres and the NHL.

One voice we heard from back on May 8 with Howard and Jeremy was Goran Stubb, who is the Director of European Scouting for the NHL Central Scouting Bureau.

Here is some of what Stubb had to say:

Stubb on discovering Dahlin at a young age:

"We usually start [scouting] when the players are 17. There's not much use to start earlier than that because so much changes. We have, of course, been hearing about Rasmus Dahlin for four or five years already because when a talent like that pops up, everbody in the hockey world knows about him very quickly. We've been following him, but it's very clear that he is going to be No. 1 at this draft. We have not been really concentrating on him because everybody has known for a couple of years that he was going to be No. 1."

Stubb on Dahlin's style of play:

"He's more of a complete package. When he gets a little bit more weight, a little more physical strength, he is a complete package. He's an excellent skater, he has a very good understanding of the game, he's very good on both offense and defense, he can shoot, he can pass. He does everything needed."

Stubb on the hype surrounding Dahlin:

"Of course every players is different, and I don't like to compare one player to another. Rasmus Dahlin is in a class of his own. That's how good he is. Last time I think people were talking about a young player as enthusiastic as they are doing with Dahlin is when [Alex] Ovechkin came up a long time ago. I'm not saying he's Ovechkin, but I'm saying that people in the hockey world are as enthusiastic about Dahlin as they were once upon a time as Ovechkin."

Stubb on what stands out from Dahlin compared to the 2018 draft class:

"It's very seldom that you get a natural talent that anything he does seems so easy and natural. I think that's what stands out with him is that everything looks so easy."

You can hear the entire interview with Stubb below:

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