Sick Day Tweetbag!

August 29, 2018 - 2:30 pm

I was out sick on Wednesday, but did a little work anyway. You asked, I answered... It's my Sick Day TweetBag!


1.) Buffalo Storm Chaser (@buffalo_storm) - Allergies or cold?

It’s definitely a cold. On Tuesday, I had the head stuff and then throughout the day I just got more and more groggy. I went with a full on blitz of cold remedies from Zinc, to chicken noodle soup, and Theraflu. Let me tell you how great it is to eat and drink HOT things when it’s 10,000 degrees outside. I could have powered a small city with the heat I was generating. I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat so raw from coughing that I went on the cough drop binge of a lifetime. I think I had about 10 in 15 minutes.


2a.) Tim Converse (@Tconverse_) - If the Sabres start with __________ record, Phil Housley will be on the hot seat, or is he safe for the year no matter what?

2b.) Tim Donovan (@timdonovan560) - Do Sabres come close to making playoffs this year?

Here’s a two-for-one… If the Sabres start with any record that puts them out of the conversation for competing for the playoffs by Thanksgiving… he’s on the hot seat. If they’re lower than, what 11th?, at Christmas, one has to start wondering if he’s the problem.

The Sabres had 10 new skaters in the lineup last year, and this year will have…

  • Rasmus Dahlin
  • Patrik Berglund
  • Jeff Skinner
  • Brendan Guhle
  • Vladimir Sobotka
  • Casey Mittelstadt
  • Conor Sheary
  • Carter Hutton
  • Lawrence Pilut?

How many years do you get to completely overhaul your roster and have the coach fail with every combination you give him? The Sabres should not have been as bad as they were last year. For the general fanbase, it could happen quickly. For me, the coach is kinda already on the hot seat. The hot seat’s hot seat.


3.) Dave Denz (@DaveyDenz) - What's the worst moment for you when replay has ruined a sport / game?

Sure there's the Dez Bryant catch, and the Calvin Johnson catch. There's Vinny Testaverde being awarded the goal line when he clearly didn't touch. There are countless games I can remember where my team got screwed, or got the benefit of the doubt. However, I think the most angry I've ever been that there was replay was just a few years ago... 

Game 1 of the Jack Eichel era. The Sabres, trailing 2-0 in the third period, get a goal from Jack, the first of his career. At 2-1, Evander Kane scores to tie things up, and, for the first time in Buffalo Sabres history, we got an offside review. Now I don’t remember being one to ever have said “Ban all replay” before that moment… but it was the antithesis of sport. It was a breaking point for me. The play carried on well into the zone, only to have a goal taken off the board for an offside challenge, which remains the absolute DUMBEST thing a sport has ever done to hurt itself that I can think of.

It’s a tossup between the NFL continuing to blow it on the peaceful protests, and the NHL’s offside challenge. The fact that the NHL cannot see how damaging this is to their own product removes almost all hope I have that top management in the league has any idea what to do with their product. It is an insult to fans. It's an insult to the game. It's an insult to sport.

Fire it into the sun.


4.) Harry (@drunkbowler857) - Please talk about gambling topics for the Tiger vs. Phil match. I’m thinking of holding a Gambletron 5000 during the match.

This is the first I’ve thought about buying it, now that you bring up the Gambletron 5000. There are a million things you could bet during this broadcast. Shirt color, who wins each hole… Skins game with your friends… Will a guy get up and down… Does Phil hit the green… will Tiger have an eagle putt on this par-5… possibilities are endless. Gambling might just make it work.


5.) Matthew Joseph Lenz (@matt_lenz16) - You ever eat a whole jar of salsa at once?

Yes, but do me a favor… Check your fridge right now and I’ll do the same. (checks fridge). We have one bottle of full salsa and FOUR open jars that are about half-full. I cannot be the only household that consistently eats about a half jar in a sitting. Salsa will keep for a long time in the fridge as it’s definitely built to last. But holy cow, we have FOUR. A solid six-percent of our refrigerator's space is dedicated to a tortilla chip condiment? The worst part is that I’m not the least bit surprised. I know that we always seem to have a half jar sitting around.


6.) Abbey (@AMuir_) - Favorite TV show character of all time and why.

Thought long and hard about this one… with Homer Simpson, Dexter, JD from Scrubs, Elaine Benes, and several others rolling through my head. Yes, that includes Cody from Step by Step finding his way in there… not that he’s really at the top, but if we’re going with the how-awesome-I-thought-the-person-was-at-the-time rating? Cody gets some points. So does Alf.

It’s probably Homer.


7.) Thomas Mccormick (@jockeichel) - Expectations of Season 3 of Stranger Things? Let down or Here We Go?

Season 2 was even better than Season 1, so I’m all about it.  


8.) Jim Mancuso (@jman17) - How long before the EPL overtakes the NHL in the USA for popularity? As soon as they start playing some regular season games over here?

For me, it already has. I don’t love my favorite EPL team like I do the Sabres, but the league as a whole… yeah I think I’m there. Perhaps the Sabres' failures of the last few seasons are directly related to this, but the NHL’s quality of product has just taken such a hit over the last 10 years. They do almost everything wrong when it comes to marketing, growing, building, officiating, scoring, and incentivizing things that happen in the game. Maybe it’s time of day… EPL I can see early, while NHL doesn’t get to me until about 7 p.m. at the earliest. As a league, I love the EPL more right now. Not sure if that will switch back anytime soon, but Rasmus Dahlin could help quite a bit. When does it happen hear on the national level? Good question... probably when the television contract for the EPL passes the NHL's. If that happens, that's your moment.


9.) Brendan Keany (@BrendanKeany) - Have you seriously entertained the idea of Peterman becoming an above average to good quarterback if he starts?

I have… but the problem I run into is the arm strength. Peterman shows that he can get the ball out and make quick decisions, but throwing to the boundary is such a gamble, that over time it will change the way that teams play against him. If you can’t throw to the sideline with velocity, can you make it in the league? Maybe, but it remains his biggest downfall. It’s terrifying to watch.


10.) Michael (@mikelew36) - Why are you a liberal?

Do I dare? I mean, this could be trolling, or you could want to actually know.

Tough question because it implies that all liberals are the same and hold the same views… or it implies that I hold every single belief that Michael’s definition of a liberal holds BUT… I said all topics welcome.  

Universal health care. Women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and institutional racism. I’m more interested in helping people that need it, rather than demonizing them for needing it. Oh, and science and climate change. 

"Liberal" is a label in a time and that's temporary. Democrats of 150 years ago are the Republicans of today. Whichever party or parties support those listed ideals will continue to get my vote.   

I promise you that if you got upset reading that, you don't have to @ me. I say all topics welcome, and I mean it. So if you wanted more #stickingtosports, take it up with Michael.


11.) Paul Douglas (@spryguy09) - O/U 2.5 seasons for the Jets to win the AFC East.

Over. But I'd like to bet on NOT-NE in that third year. Wonder what kind of odds I could get....


Hopefully I'm back on Thursday... we'll see if the 10th dose of Zinc does the trick.

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