The Sabres trying to hang in during their 10-day break

January 22, 2019 - 2:03 pm

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - As the Sabres are on their 10-day break, all they can do is watch as other teams around them gain points. All teams will be on break in the next two weeks, so Buffalo will have its chance to pick up points starting Jan. 29 in Columbus.

Buffalo hasn’t played since Friday in Vancouver, so let’s see where they stand going into Tuesday’s action.

The Sabres are fifth in the Atlantic Division, five points in back of Boston and Montreal and six behind Toronto. Tampa Bay leads the division and is 22 points in front of Buffalo.

The Sabres lead Florida by six points, Ottawa by 11 and Detroit by 11.

If you’re looking at the Eastern Conference, the Sabres trail Pittsburgh by four, Washington and Columbus by five and the Islanders by eight.

Buffalo is three points in front of Carolina and five ahead of the Rangers.

The Lightning, the Leafs, the Bruins, the Islanders, the Blue Jackets and the Capitals are the top three in each division and would be in. The two Wild Cards would be the Canadiens with 59 points and the Penguins with 58. Buffalo has 54 points.

Buffalo has a points percentage of .563 which has them 14th overall. They were first on Nov. 29.

Since the 10-game winning streak was snapped, Buffalo is tied for 29th with 18 points. The Red Wings and Avalanche also have 18 points.

Talk about picking up ground? In that time Tampa Bay has picked up 23 points on the Sabres. The Islanders have picked up 18 points, while Pittsburgh has gained 15 points, Montreal 14, Columbus and Boston 11, Washington 10 and Toronto only has gained six points on the Sabres.  

Games that concern the Sabres on Tuesday feature San Jose at Washington, the Islanders visit Chicago and Carolina is at Calgary.  


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