Read it and you'll weep

October 30, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Buffalo Bills' offense:

  • Eight straight quarters without a touchdown
  • Two touchdowns in the last five games
  • Bills have thrown one touchdown pass last five games
    • In that time, two of their passes have been returned for a touchdown by the opponent
  • Last night marked the third straight game against New England where the offense did not score a touchdown
  • Going back to Minnesota, the offense has scored 35 points in the last 22 quarters
    • Two touchdowns, seven field goals
  • The offense never got into the red zone against New England in 11 drives
    • They got no further than the Patriots' 25-yard line
  • The offense is ranked last or second-to-last in the league in nine of the 13 main statistical categories
    • Last in:
      • Total yards per-play
      • Pass yards per-game
      • Pass average
      • Percentage of passes intercepted
      • Points per-game
    • 31st in:
      • Total yards per-game
      • First downs per-game
      • Third down efficiency
      • Sacks per-pass play
  • The Bills are averaging 10.9 points per-game, which is tied for 12th worst average by any team in single season since the merger
  • The team is on pace to score 174 points
    • Would be lowest total in a 16-game season in franchise history (200 in 1985).
  • The team is on pace for six passing touchdowns for the season
  • The team is on pace for 2,386 passing yards
    • Would be lowest total for Bills since 1978

Let's go Sabres (please!)

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