Quite a week

March 15, 2019 - 9:27 am

Last Friday, I awoke to a world where I thought Antonio Brown was on the Buffalo Bills. That lasted about long enough to get all the dried up junk out of the corners of my eyes. In other words, not very long. Since then, we’ve talked a lot about the reputation of the Bills and the city itself and where the blame lies in Brown to the Bills not working out.

That’s pathetic, and the optics on accepting that are way worse as I see them than in churning out another coaching casualty.

I can only worry so much about optics. We’re talking about a hockey team that amazingly has not won two games in a row in regulation since October, and two in a row of any kind since December 11th and 13th.

The thing about that is, unlike under Dan Bylsma, I don’t get the impression at all that the players are rebelling or that they don’t like Housley. It’s just that they’ve grown to be completely lifeless under him. So we don’t have a situation here where it appears they’re trying to get him fired. They might just need a different coach. So yes, the timing is bad and the optics will be that the group, with Jack Eichel at the front, got another coach canned.

We’ve been all through it. The churning out of coaches and management looks really bad and is not how you want your teams to be known if you’re the Pegulas. Yes, I also recognize that firing another coach could make this group of players feel like they always get their way.

Last night, we got players saying they wouldn’t want to question the effort of teammates and swearing about pride in putting on the sweater. Good times.

Phil Housley’s team has now won 13 of their last 45 games, and the idea that his job is safe through this becomes more questionable with each goalless effort, of which there are currently three in a row.

As for the Buffalo Sabres, well, ghastly is a word.

So as much as I appreciated Beane’s passionate defense of the region, I’d ask that he consider in the future not framing playing for the Bills as needing a team of sled dogs.

Green Bay is cold, windy, and they like to bowl in Wisconsin, or at least that’s what I learned watching Laverne and Shirley. There’s nothing from a culinary standpoint that should raise bratwurst up above chicken wings. What’s the difference? The football team has Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and thusly throws it all over the place and doesn’t talk about winning with defense and playing in the elements.

I’m not looking to regurgitate the entire episode and all of my feelings on it. I did, however, find it quite notable how irritated, and believably so, Brandon Beane was when talking about the criticism the region took nationally for failing to land Brown. The thing is, I find any notion of Brown not wanting to come to Buffalo because we like chicken wings and bowling dubious. Yes, it’s possible that the reputation for snow is enough to scare certain players away. I’ve grown to think it’s much more likely that the teams failures have much more to do with it than the wind. Perhaps you couple those things together and you get a reaction from the outside that we perceive as “ugh, Buffalo” from the inside.

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