Owczarski - The fact Rodgers was out there Thursday, that signifies something

September 27, 2018 - 5:58 pm

The Buffalo Bills take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday with a chance to get to 2-2 on the season. Schopp and Bulldog were joined by Jim Owczarski of the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee to get a better look at the Packers, who are 1-1-1 after three weeks of the season. 

On Aaron Rodgers practicing during the week for the first time since his knee injury: 

"The reason why this is signifcant is the last two weeks, he has not practiced at all other than on Saturday... He's missed whatever Monday work and Wednesday and Thursday work." 

"The fact he was out there (Thursday), their biggest workload day where they're in pads, that signifies something. Especially a day after head coach Mike McCarthy admitted that not having Aaron Rodgers is affecting the whole team in practice." 

On how much Rodgers has been affected by the knee injury suffered in Week One: 

"It has been very evident. He's been under center just a handful of times over two weeks. They almost run exclusively out of the shotgun, all of their run plays have come out of the pistol. He has been probably more mobile the last two weeks than Minnesota and Washington had anticipated, however, it hasn't been great. He can get the 7 yards for a first down or 4 yards but it's not the Aaron Rodgers that... can cover 18 yards, 20 yards in a blink." 

"Some of the situational football - third downs, red zone - not very sharp. He even admitted he missed throws against Washington... There have been some passes that are a little low or didn't quite get all the way there." 

On the roughing the passer calls against Clay Matthews for three straight weeks: 

"I'll give Clay a lot of credit for not losing his mind at any of these post game sessions... They feel that this has identified them through three games. You think Green Bay Packers, usually it's Aaron Rodgers and the offense but no, it's Clay Matthews and unnecessary roughness and how do we hit somebody? So, there is a frustration there..." 

You can listen to the entire interview of Owczarski with Schopp and Bulldog below: 

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