With OTAs behind the Bills, it's time for relaxation and family time

June 14, 2018 - 1:35 pm

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - Spring football is now over for the Buffalo Bills as they have six weeks off to gear up for training camp. Yes, the players will continue to train and have plans for themselves to get ready, but Sean McDermott says it’s also a time where everybody has to sit back, relax and spend some time with their families, “It’s an interesting dynamic because the players are a little bit different than some of the coaches and staff where there’s probably a little more vacation time for the coaches and staff as far as off-time and the players will probably take four or five days a week and then really intensify their training as they head to training camp.”

The time before training camp is also vacation time for the coaches. McDermott said it’s important for them too, “We’ll take a few weeks off, the guys get a chance to get away and catch up with their families and do a little bit of traveling, so really, just refresh their minds because that’s an important part of making sure everything is squared away before we head back to training camp.”

We know players have to be physically and mentally ready for the grind on the NFL season, but McDermott said you’d better be ready as a coach too, “To show up at training camp as a coach not able to go through the grind of the hours mentally or physically and be ready to go, that’s part of the job as well.”

McDermott said we won’t see anything different when camp opens as far as the quarterbacks. That means Josh Allen will stay with the third team. McDermott said, “That’s something that we’re going to keep fluid right now. We’ve got a plan where you may see it one day like you’ve seen the last couple and then you may see the other days where Josh is strictly with the threes.”

This week Allen has received some limited first team reps. McDermott said, “The first thing I look at is his poise and is he handling himself in and out of the huddle the right way, is he getting our offense to the line of scrimmage, making the proper checks and he was able to do some of that and I was impressed from that standpoint and I thought he put the ball in positions for plays to be made at times and then other times, he could’ve put the ball in a better positon, but overall, I thought he handled himself well with room to grow.”

The head coach said he’s gotten a good chance to know Allen since he was drafted in April, “Anytime you draft a player, there’s a little more of a deeper dive to who the person is and who the player is.”

Allen has had his ups and downs during the spring practices and McDermott said, “There’s been moments along the way where you’re saying, ‘I knew he was here when in fact he’s a little bit further along than that in some areas.”

Allen ended mini-camp with a long completion to Austin Proehl igniting a team celebration to leave the field on.

Wide receiver Zay Jones is still rehabbing his knee after surgery. McDermott said he has no reason to believe he won’t be ready for training camp.

Training camp gets started on July 26.

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