One win and the Bills are in

December 09, 2019 - 1:00 am

The Bills failed to get what could have been a statement win against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, but the football gods were still good to Buffalo throughout the Week 14 slate of games.

Thanks to the results of multiple matchups falling in Buffalo's favor, all the Bills need to punch their ticket to the playoffs is simple.

Win one game.

Win one game and it will mark the second playoff appearance for the Bills in three seasons.

It seemed like a stretch that Buffalo could clinch their spot in the AFC postseason Sunday with four outcomes needed to fall their way.

Crazy enough, a win against the Ravens would have done the job as the three teams the Bills needed to lose did just that.

The Houston Texans fell in an upset victory by the Denver Broncos. The Tennessee Titans knocked the Oakland Raiders down to 6-7, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won a shootout against the Indianapolis Colts.

Buffalo couldn't handle their own business Sunday, but they will get three more chances, including a primetime matchup on Sunday Night next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the scenario they collapse down the stretch and lose all three of their final regular season games?

The Bills would need either the Texans to lose out, or the Titans to lose two of their final three games.

The two AFC South rivals play each other twice in those three games.

For those still confident enough to be thinking bigger than a playoff berth, the results of Sunday were good to you too.

The AFC East is still just one game out of the Bills grip at 9-4.

The New England Patriots dropped to 10-3 after their second straight loss, losing in uncharacteristic fashion at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Winning the division is still a tough road for the Bills as they would need an upset win from the Miami Dolphins or Cincinnati Bengals over the Patriots, and win-out including their own win against New England at Gillette Stadium in two weeks.

Regardless, the Bills are still in prime playoff position despite the 24-17 loss to Baltimore.

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