The NFL has a serious officiating problem

October 15, 2019 - 12:58 am

Instead of talking about a back and forth battle between two really strong NFC North contenders tonight, once again NFL officials have stolen the headlines as a result of incompetent decision making that decided the game.

It has been the biggest story of the 2019 NFL season and that is extremely frustrating for everyone involved.

The Detroit Lions should be infuriated with their 23-22 loss in Green Bay to the Packers Monday night.

While Aaron Rodgers made some jaw-dropping plays to get Green Bay a win, the Packers can thank the referees more than anyone for their win.

Officials face a lot of unfair blame for the result of games. It is part of the job. There will always be some blunders through human error (unless robot officials become a thing).

On Monday night however, all of the criticism was warranted.

If one didn't know any better, they would think the referees had a lot riding on a Packers win.

It wasn't just one bad call or missed call either. This was from front to back, one of the worst officiating jobs the NFL has ever seen. And the Lions suffered as a result.

A Packers touchdown that should have been taken away after an automatic review.

An obvious pass interference call that did not get called or get challenged as a result of referees refusing to overturn even the "clear and obvious" plays that the challenge rule was put in place to change.

An "illegal use of hands to the face" penalty on the final drive that helped put Green Bay in field goal range.

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