McDermott - I want our team playing fast

November 15, 2019 - 12:10 pm

The Buffalo Bills look to get back into the win column and get the season sweep the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. Bills head coach Sean McDermott joined Howard and Jeremy on Friday to discuss the offense, playing "fearless", the Myles Garrett incident from Thursday night and more. Here are some of the quotes from McDermott on the morning show in Friday:

McDermott on the Myles Garrett incident against the Steelers:

"I did not watch that part live but I just saw a part of the replay of it. My reaction is there's no place in the game for that, absolutely none and we talked about it this morning in the team meeting, just to make sure we're on the same page. When you take someone's well being into your own hands, that's crossing the line. We like to believe we do things right, that we're a class organization and it is a physical, aggressive sport but there's a line."

McDermott on what he meant when he told the team to be more "fearless" earlier this week:

"All of us together, coaches and players, let's do what we've got to do, do it how we normally do it and be decisive. It's not getting to playing hesitant. When you play this game, because it is an aggressive game, it's a contact sport - if you hesitate, you lose in most situations. So, I want our team playing fast, playing physical and playing aggressive with great decisiveness and clarity around what's expected on each play in their roles, in particular."

McDermott on Josh Allen's struggles with the deep ball:

"There's time on task, there's continuity with our receivers and tight ends and backs and so, guys need to practice in order to build reps."

"When you look at it, they're not all high percentage throws, the further they get down the field, the lower the percentage is just naturally because the distance travelled. Within that though, we do have to hit those and I'm confident we will hit those when called upon. And that gets back to the level of execution, whether it's short, intermediate or long throws."

You can listen to McDermott's entire interview with Howard and Jeremy below:

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