McDermott - I think Allen has developed and his growth is visible

November 08, 2019 - 11:47 am

The Buffalo Bills look to get their seventh win of the season on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, who sit a 2-6 and look to get their season back on track.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott joined Jeremy and Sal on Friday to discuss the team's troubled run defense, the talent on the Browns offense, Josh Allen and more. Here is some of what McDermott had to say with Jeremy and Sal on Friday morning:

On cleaning up the run defense:

"Corey [Liuget] is a veteran player with a lot of experience, he spent a number of years in San Diego with the Chargers, now LA, obviously. He moved on this year, early in the year to Oakland and things didn't work out there but we signed him just as a good football player that we think might be able to help us and we'll see how the week unfolds and how he does come game day.

"It always starts with me as the head coach and then us as coaches, collectively, having the right message. Whether it's fundamentals, technique, just overall approach mindset and then the players taking that onto the field and executing at a high level."

On the team staying healthy throughout the season:

"Terry and Kim [Pegula] both have done a tremendous job of giving us the resources we need to stay out in front and on the cutting edge of trends and a lot of that has to do with their committment with the new facility this past offseason and to get it done in a short amount of time. We feel like we want to be one of the healthiest and happiest teams in and around the NFL.

"That's part of our culture as well, it's what we're driving to become and so our medical staff, our strength and conditioning staff, sports science development team, all have done a heck of a job of communicating and meeting and being collaborative in terms of each and every player's case file, if you will, and making sure that when players come to Buffalo they can become the best versions of themselves."

On the improvement of Josh Allen limiting interceptions in the past three games:

"He's done a really good job with that, he's worked hard in the classroom, he's worked hard on the grass and I believe he's also doing a good job of taking what the defense is giving him at times and also using his feet. So, it's been a good blend, I think he's developed and his growth is visible, very visible, from week to week and this week will be another step."

On facing Baker Mayfield and the Browns offensive talent:

"Going through the draft process a few years ago, going through all the quarterbacks, we spent some time with Baker. What he's been able to do through college and to this point,you see the talent and you see the ability. He certainly has a lot of weapons at his disposal, getting another one back this weekend in Kareem Hunt there. It's probably more natural than most people realize for a young player to have some ebbs and flows, he's a very good player."

You can read everything McDermott had to say with Jeremy and Sal in his interview below:

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