Marino: "We can start identifying some of the ways that the Bills can turn things around

October 31, 2018 - 6:19 pm

The Buffalo Bills offense has been tough to watch, to put it nicely. However, The Draft Network's Joe Marino joined Schopp and Bulldog to give some hope to fans about how the team can turn the offense into a productive unit moving forward for 2019. Here is some of what Marino said with the guys on Wednesday: 

On Brian Daboll's scheme and concepts: 

"What I really like about Brian Daboll's offense is that it schemes a lot of throws for Josh Allen or whoever his quarterback is. They can do a lot of different formations, a lot of different personnel packages but run a lot of similar route concepts out of them that creates space to make throws." 

"We've talked a lot about the Bills supporting cast and how they don't necessarily have great receivers that are going to create that separation, but when you can use leverage and route combinations to find that space, you just need a quarterback to read it and rip it." 

"Buffalo is undermanned, it's not a fair fight when Buffalo takes the field offensively. But I do think that Brian Daboll does his best to get the most out of his talent and I just don't know that anyone else that would do a better job with this personnel." 

On which players Buffalo can move forward with on offense along with Josh Allen: 

"The two building blocks that make a lot of sense are Dion Dawkins, their left tackle... and then (receiver) Zay Jones, who just had such a bad rookie season." 

"Focusing on (Dawkins) and seeing the growth there and seeing him continue to emerge into that top 15-type of left tackle." 

"Let's not make any mistake about it, (Jones) is playing very well relative to this receiving corps. 27 catches in 15 games last year, 25 already this year in 7 games." 

On if Buffalo can quickly turn the offense around for 2019: 

"We can just sit and talk for the next 8 weeks about how bad the Bills offense is or we can start identifying some of the bright spots and some of the ways that the Bills can turn things around. The Bills deserve some criticism for not doing much... to get the offensive infrastructure around Josh Allen good through the offseason... but that's not unlike what we've seen from other teams in the NFL. We saw it with the Rams with (Jared) Goff. We saw it with (Mitchell) Trubisky and the Bears. The Bears were 29th in yards and 30th in scoring last year, now they're top 10 in both categories and they were able to do it in one offseason."

You can listen to all of what Joe Marino had to sya with Schopp and Bulldog below: 

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