Ledyard: "[Allen] is right where I expected he would be"

September 19, 2018 - 4:33 pm

The Buffalo Bills returned to the practice field earlier today as the now transition into preparations for their Week 3 road matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.  The game will also mark rookie QB Josh Allen's second career start in the National Football League, and Jon Ledyard of the NFL Draft Network joined Schopp & the Bulldog to discuss what Ledyard saw after dissecting Allen's performance against the Los Angeles Chargers, what's to come for the organization and their rookie investment, and much more.


Ledyard on Allen's growth:

"He's supposed to look rough at this point.  It would really be a story if he wasn't.  He's right where I expected he would be."


Ledyard on the speed of the game for Allen:

"Things have been moving very fast for him.  He isn't recognizing things pre-snap quite yet.  He's leaving a lot of open guys on the field, and it seems like he doesn't want to trust his arm.  You're seeing a lot of the same issues."


Ledyard on the evaluation process:

"Process is a big part of the evaluation, and not necessarily the result.  It shows what part of his good plays are sustainable.  The Bills ran several wheel-outs.  It worked twice for them.  [Allen] looked right at it and didn't throw the football.  I don't know why."


Ledyard on the QB drafting/evaluating/grooming process:

"There are lots of layers to it all.  Look at the Patrick Mahomes situation.  He sat for a whole year.  He has a terrific, offensive-minded coach and tons of weapons at his disposal.  All of those factors really do matter.  Same goes with [Carson] Wentz and [Jared] Goff."


Ledyard on Brian Daboll:

"I like a lot of things that Daboll is doing.  In that offense, you can attack in a variety of ways.  It puts some pressure on the QB mentally, for sure, and the Bills don't have great skilled players.  That being said, there were still guys open in that game by scheme."


Ledyard on future evaluation of Allen:

"We'll be able to evaluate him better in year two, assuming the Bills surround him with some better talent.  In college, his biggest issue was he took so many negative plays because he couldn't recognize pre-snap pressure...

[Ledyard on the 2019 NFL Draft Class]

...Everyone wants to see a great wide receiver for [Allen].  This upcoming class is loaded."

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