This Radio Host Lost His Mind on LeBron James for Slighting Vince Carter

February 14, 2018 - 9:23 am

ATLANTA (92.9 The Game) -- Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James gave credit Tuesday night to Atlanta Hawks veteran Vince Carter on his career. But James, who was in high school when Carter was revolutionizing the Slam Dunk contest at his "Vinsanity" peak, also said he didn't find Carter inspiring.

"I didn't take much inspiration from Vince, but I've always admired his ability to do what he did on the floor," James said after the Hawks beat the Lakers, 117-113. "The man would jump out of any gym and that you always kind of had that 'wow' moment when you saw Vince play. But I didn't have that much inspiration from him. I gained inspiration from other people."

That set Rick Kamla's world on fire during Wednesday's segment of Read Between The Lines on "Middays With Rick & John."

"Wowwwwwww.... Screw you, dude," Kamla started. "That's all I got. That is awful."

That wasn't all Kamla had...

"You can't take time out of your busy, billionaire day to give a little bit of dap to Vince Carter?" Kamla said. "That sucks. That sucks!"

Kamla has no room for the "selfish, narcissistic" James not giving Carter his due. 

"My head's going to explode," Kamla continued. "This is a guy, 'I'm a historian. I know the history of the game.' Don't you always hear LeBron saying that? Talks about Jerry West and Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and he's such a 'historian.' If you're such a freaking historian, then give Vince Carter some credit!"

Kamla also fumed about James' off-the-court interests ("Maybe 'inspire' was the wrong word. Because LeBron obviously is inspired by one thing right now: meetings with billionaires ... and his little barber shop show."), dissed the Lakers' lackluster record ("You went to L.A. to make the playoffs and go the freakin' Finals, and you're two-and-a-half games behind the Sacramento Kings!") and wound up the epic rant by calling James a "coward" for never participating in the dunk contest. 

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