Kaepernick and NFL settle with strong confidentiality agreement

February 15, 2019 - 2:29 pm

The collusion case filed by Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid has been resolved with the NFL. The league and Kaepernick's attorney released statements today that broke the news.

"For the past several months, counsel for Mr. Kaepernick and Mr. Reid have engaged in an ongoing dialogue with representatives of the NFL. As a result of those discussions, the parties have decided to resolve the pending grievances. The resolution of this matter is subject to a confidentiality agreement so there will be no further comment by any party."

It was previously reported that Kaepernick would only withdraw his grievance for a lucrative financial settlement. Because of the confidentiality agreement, the public will not know what the settlement was, as well as any evidence that was gathered. This all comes prior to a formal hearing.

As some have already said, it can be fairly speculated that the NFL may have paid a big sum of money to keep deposition evidence against them a secret. With the confidentiality agreement, we'll likely never know for sure.

Colin Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since the 2016 season. He reportedly denied an offer to join the upstart AAF. Meanwhile, Eric Reid finally latched on with the Carolina Panthers after the start of the 2018 season. He started every game after he was signed, and agreed to a 3-year $22 million extension last week.

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