Eichel is excited about going to the All-Star Game

January 11, 2018 - 12:37 pm

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Jack Eichel was in good spirits this morning after being named to the NHL All-Star Game. Eichel has 17 goals and 22 assists for 39 points in 43 games. He said, “In the midst of a tough season that we’ve been having, it’s a nice honor.

Eichel was around the stars of the game during the World Cup of Hockey, but he still looks forward to doing it again, “It’s something that I grew up watching and some of the people that are going to be there, names and players that I grew up watching and idolizing, it’s just a great experience from people who have done it and I’m very fortunate to be able to represent the Sabres.”

Last season, Kyle Okposo was Buffalo’s lone representative. The winger loved being there and he said Eichel will too, “I’m really happy for him, probably the first of many for him and it’s a great experience. It was definitely a highlight of my career, so I’m just going to tell him to enjoy the experience and have fun with it.”

Eichel didn’t know what he’d like to do in the skills competition and realistically he could do any of the three events.

Since the 3-on-3 tournament between divisions has come into being, some pretty competitive hockey has been played. Eichel is looking forward to it, “I think it’s exciting, it brings a little more energy to the event and you have something on the line, you have something to play for, it’s money, right?

“I think I read something yesterday that Taylor Hall has won both years and I think he’s gotten paid over $150,000 from winning and that’s a pretty good chunk of money and you just want to have fun with it.

“Just watching it the last few years it seems like the guys really enjoy the 3-on-3 and it gets pretty serious and I guess guys play pretty hard, so I think people are more inclined to watch it if there’s something on the line, so I think it’s a great format.”

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