Dysfunction in Oakland seems to be normal in Gruden's return to the NFL

October 23, 2018 - 4:33 pm

It has been a rough season for those that follow the Buffalo Bills. At 2-5, the Bills have looked inept at best on offense and have been blown out in 4 of their 5 losses, with the other loss being a back breaking loss where the defense was going to steal a win from Houston. Yet, despite the QB carousel of Nathan Peterman, rookie Josh Allen and Derek Anderson and the incredibly terrible offense, they are somehow not the biggest laughingstock in the NFL. 

That honor belongs to the lone team below the Bills in the AFC standings, the 1-5 Oakland Raiders. And it's not even close. 

Oakland has not only been finding different ways to lose games (only beating the Browns in overtime thanks to an awful call on a fumble), but they are also losing talent in droves and discord is being sown in the locker room. 

It all starts with Oakland signing head coach Jon Gruden to a 10 year contract. Money isn't the problem, term is. In the NFL, not many coaches can successfully make it to 10 years with a team. Then add that Gruden last coached in 2008, ten years away from the game, and it was a head scratcher to say the least. 

The Raiders then traded a 3rd round pick to acquire troubled but talented receiver Martavis Bryant. However, Bryant flopped in training camp and then was released, only to be brought back by the team on a lesser deal. 

Then it somehow got worse for the Raiders. All-Pro pass rusher Khalil Mack held out looking for a new contract and got dealt to the Chicago Bears. Not surprisingly, the Raiders have just 7 sacks through 6 games. Mack, on the other hand, has 5 himself in Chicago and 4 forced fumbles. 

Yet, Gruden has been baffled about the lack of a pass rush from his team after trading a generational pass rusher. 

You cannot make this up. Oh, the Raiders also have ten years of Gruden's contract. 

Now, former top 10 pick and receiver Amari Cooper has been traded to Dallas for a first round pick. Cooper has struggled with drops and production and getting a first for him has been seen as a rare win for the organization. 

And the cherry on top, a story so over-the-top that it's relieving that the Bills don't have this "issue" on their team. Reports from Marcus Thompson of The Athletic state that there is a rift in the locker room between quarterback Derek Carr and other players on the team after Carr allegedly cried after suffering an arm injury. Adding to that ridiculous story, there are also reports from Thompson that the Raiders might move on from Carr as well. There is tanking, then there is the Raiders scorched earth policy in Gruden's first year. 

Oh, and fans in Oakland get to see the team at its lowest point before they take off for the greener (desert) pastures of Las Vegas. 

This season has been rough in Buffalo, but at least we aren't Oakland Raiders fans... 

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