Cosell: "My sense is if McCarron didn't get hurt, he would probably be at the top of the depth chart"

August 31, 2018 - 4:50 pm

Greg Cosell of NFL Films joined John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live today to discuss the Bills quarterback competition between Josh Allen, Nathan Peterman, and A.J. McCarron. Cosell also touched on the Buffalo's need for another pass rusher on their roster, the wide receiver position, as well as some of the rookies that were drafted in 2018.

Here are some quotes from his appearance on today's episode of One Bills Live.


Cosell on what makes sense for Buffalo in the QB department:

"I think in this case to me, it would make sense to keep three (quarterbacks). Keep in mind that McCarron has started games in the NFL, and he's actually at times played well. Now I think when all is set and done, McCarron and Nathan Peterman are probably similar stylistically in what you're going to expect from them and Josh Allen argueaably is a totally different kind of player."


Cosell on A.J. McCarron:

"I think that McCarron was signed with the idea that he could well be the starting quarterback and then obviously they drafted Josh Allen. I think that in this case, it makes sense to keep three because you just don't really have any idea about Nathan Peterman. You have a sense of what he can be, but he's started one game in the league and Josh Allen has started no games in the NFL"


Cosell on the similarities between Peterman and McCarron:

"My sense is that if McCarron didn't get hurt, he would probably be at the top of the depth chart because he's started games in this league and has actually acquitted himself reasonably well. And i think McCarron's arm is a little stronger than Peterman, they're stylistically similar as I said. Josh Allen is probably a very up and down erratic player if you're to start him in a regular season game, and the issue for the Bills is coming off last year, I don't think they want to take a step back. You know, we can certainly talk about the rest of their roster but I think they feel, hey they made the playoffs last year with a lot of this roster."


Cosell on Peterman and McCarron not turning the ball over:

"In an ideal world, McCarron and Peterman, theoretically the way they play, don't turn the ball over. I know McCarron threw two picks last night but theoretically, the way they play is they are more efficient, they are more game managers, they don't turn it over, you give your entire team a chance to be in the game, and you can sneak out a tough road win in the fourth quarter. That's ideally what you're trying to do."


Cosell on his belief of not yo-yoing the quarterbacks:

"I'm not a big believer in yo-yoing your quarterbacks. In other words, I wouldn't want to start Josh, let's say he plays poorly, then you yank him out, then two weeks later you start him again, and then you kind of wait and see. I'm not a big fan of yo-yoing your quarterbacks throughout a season."


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