Cosell - Allen needs to be out there playing, seeing things, even if he makes mistakes

November 09, 2018 - 6:22 pm

Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen may return to the lineup on Sunday, which would be a sight for sore eyes amongst Bills fans. On the other side, the New York Jets do not have their prized rookie passer available for the game, as Sam Darnold is doubtful to play with a foot injury. 

NFL Films' and ESPN's Greg Cosell joined One Bills Live to look into Allen, Darnold, Josh McCown and more with John Murphy and Steve Tasker on Friday. Here is some of what Cosell had to say: 

On Josh Allen's injury and missing at least three games: 

"Josh Allen not being able to play due to injury, it's a little tougher to get a feel for where the Bills thought they might be if he'd been able to play the last number of weeks. Not that he'd all of a sudden be a top level quarterback, but he'd have three more games of reps and, ideally, that gives him more experience and you could see improvement..." 

On if Allen could have learned a lot from sitting on the sidelines: 

"You really just want to see Josh Allen get reps at this point. That, to me, is the most important thing. He needs to be out there playing, seeing things, even if he makes mistakes, but he needs to be out there seeing things." 

On the recent struggles of Jets rookie Sam Darnold: 

"He started off with some decent games. I always felt like he was a very up-and-down player, which I expected. Very erratic and inconsistent, and the last number of weeks, he's sort of shown the inconsistency part more than the good part." 

On if Josh McCown can bring some steady play for the Jets offense:  

"Darnold, over the last couple of weeks has not played particularly well. Now, I understand that this week Robby Anderson is doubtful, the Jets will have a depleted receiving corps. But I think McCown will probably run the offense more within structure and a little more efficiency than Darnold has the last couple of weeks..." 

Hear more from Cosell with John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live: 

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