Clayton: "The plan should be to get Derek Anderson ready and put him in as the starting QB"

October 10, 2018 - 5:38 pm

Derek Anderson. LeSean McCoy trade rumors. Josh Allen's development.  The state of the wide receiver core.  Five weeks into the National Football League season, there have been plenty of Buffalo Bills storylines to discuss.'s John Clayton joined Schopp & the Bulldog a day early to talk about Buffalo ahead of their Week 6 matchup with the Houston Texans this Sunday.

Here are some of the notable quotes from Clayton's time on WGR Sports Radio 550.


Clayton on Derek Anderson:

"The plan should be to get him up to speed as quick as possible, and in maybe a week or two put him in as the starting quarterback.  [Buffalo would] be better served to have another QB in there.  That guy cannot be Nathan Peterman."


Clayton on Josh Allen:

"He can be scared by this move to acquire [Anderson].  If he keeps having 82-yard days and the team is losing because of that, it can scar... If the season goes south and you're sitting with a losing record, maybe than you could put [Allen] back in."


Clayton on Allen's development:

"The one thing you don't want to do is [Blake] Bortles the guy.  You can see young quarterbacks at least get a break if they have a running game.  When Bortles showed up, Jacksonville didn't have a running game."


Clayton on a LeSean McCoy trade:

"It makes sense for the [Philadelphia] Eagles, but I can't see the sense for the Bills.  If they're going to continue with Allen, you can't away his best running-game option."


Clayton on comparable QB situations:

"Josh McCown does a great job for [Sam] Darnold. Patrick Mahomes had Alex Smith, and those coaches said Smith was great for him.  At the moment, you had Josh [Allen] learning from a fellow young quarterback in Peterman.  He'll learn more from Anderson."


Clayton on Buffalo's QB trade past:

"When you think about it, they've traded two quarterbacks that you'd have to say are better veterans than Derek Anderson (A.J. McCarron and Tyrod Taylor).  I think, clearly, Taylor is better.  At least you would have had options."


You can hear Clayton's full conversation below.

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