Clayton on McCoy: "As successful as he has been, he's remained fairly humble"

November 08, 2018 - 5:40 pm

A one-man show did not stop John Clayton from joining WGR Sports Radio 550, as he and the Bulldog discussed all things NFL ahead of Week 10, as well as the silence of Buffalo Bills' runningback LeSean McCoy.

Here is some of the best from Clayton's time on WGR.


Clayton on the state of offense in the league, especially the Rams:

"If you look closely at what the [Los Angeles] Rams do, you're more scared of Todd Gurley.  He sets up the passing game.  [Head coach] Sean McVay will do jet sweeps, decoy routes, and deploy a lot of deception."


Clayton on Josh Allen:

"The Bills had no choice but to put him in early.  I think it's hurt him and I think it's hurt the organization.  They should never have had a plan of just Nathan Peterman and Allen.  As much as I think [Allen] is going to be good, this year is a loss because the team put him in too early."


Clayton on Sam Darnold:

"It's the same philosophy with Darnold as it is with Allen.  Unless these guys are coming out of a pro-set college offense like [Carson] Wentz, it's best to hold these guys back.  If you look at it, each game [Darnold] has gotten worse.  What the Jets should have done is sat him out for that Thursday night game, because you basically go in with no preparations.  It served him up and he had one of the worst games."


Clayton on LeSean McCoy:

"It baffles me.  He is one of the better guys to deal with in the league and the media.  As successful as he has been, he's remained fairly humble."


Clayton on Le'Veon Bell's holdout:

"This is one of the worst holdouts and stupidest, at that.  There was a story that he and his agent didn't even know all the rules of the holdout."


You can hear Clayton's entire conversation below.

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