Botterill on Skinner: No contract negotiations right now... We can wait until later in the year.

October 25, 2018 - 5:13 pm

The Sabres are off to a pretty good start in the 2018-19 season with a 5-4 record. Ahead of Thursday night's matchup with the Montreal Canadiens, a team that's also off to a good start, Sabres General Manager Jason Botterill stopped by 716 Food and Sport to chat with Schopp & the Bulldog. Botterill talked Rasmus Dahlin, Jeff Skinner, and the team's overall performance.

Here's some of the best from Botterill's time with the guys.


Botterill on the win in Anaheim
"End of long road trip, could've been disheartening when second goal went in. Stuck with it, it's good when you have a young group like we have. Win like that gives them a lot of confidence."

On Skinner and his contract status
"No contract negotiations going on right now...We can wait until later in the year for that. He's very competitive, you see him on pucks. I think our whole team has increased the intensity level. He's brought some life to our organization for sure."

On Dahlin's game thus far
"Been extremely impressed with how Rasmus has performed. He doesn't make the same mistake twice... You see the smoothness and how he ignites the transition game. He's similar to an elite quarterback in the NFL. His vision in incredible."

On the prospects in Rochester & when call ups could come
"Sometimes it's dictated by injury, sometimes it's 'hey, we have to give this guy an opportunity'. The people who were here before me drafted these guys. High draft picks in Alex Nylander, late pick in Victor Olofsson, free agent in CJ Smith."

You can hear the entire conversation with Jason Botterill below.

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