Bills by the numbers

October 17, 2019 - 2:18 pm

We went in to the 2019 Buffalo Bills season knowing the defense would be good, wondering what the rebuilt offense would look like and hoping the Bills would at least be in the playoff chase come December. As the Bills come out of the bye week, the defense is one of the best in the NFL, the offense is improving and if you're like me, you are now expecting a playoff spot. With a week off I decided to check out some of the interesting numbers from the first five games of the season as well as some numbers that could tell us what is still to come.

13- The number of weekends until the divisional round. I figured I'd throw that in there in case you think the Bills won't be playing wild card weekend since they'll win the AFC East.

12- The number of weekends until the wild card playoffs.

3 targets, 0 catches- Where is Robert Foster in this offense? Even though newcomers Brown and Beasley are now the focal point of the passing game, Foster has practically disappeared. He's only played in three games due to an injury but Foster's snap count is at just 15%. In 13 games in which he played last season Foster was on the field for 42% of the offensive snaps.

3rd, tied for 4th- Perhaps the Bills offense, specifically the passing game, will come to life in this three game home stand. Miami has given up the third most passing touchdowns in the NFL with 14. Philadelphia and Washington are tied for fourth most(13).

11- The number of touchdowns scored so far by the offense. Thanks to the outstanding play of the defense, the offense hasn't had to do a lot. They need to pick things up over the rest of the season. The Bills are just 25th in scoring.

1,248 yards- If Brown keeps up his current pace that's what he'd end up with after his first season in Buffalo. It would be the most yards by a Bills receiver since Lee Evans in 2006. It would also be the eighth highest single season total in franchise history.

56- The total number of catches for everyone else on the Bills not named John Brown or Cole Beasley.

55- The total number of catches for John Brown and Cole Beasley. We figured those two would be big pickups and they have not disappointed.

11%- Opponents touchdown rate. Opponents have scored only seven touchdowns in those 59 drives. If you throw in field goals( two so far) the Bills defense has given up points on just 15% of drives against them.

45%- The Bills defense is REALLY good, part two. 27 of the opponents 59 drives have ended in a three and out or less or 45% of those drives.

70- That would be the number of points scored against the Bills. This goes to just how well the defense has been playing. If they keep up the current pace the Bills would give up 224 points for the season. That would be a new franchise record for fewest points given up with the 16 game schedule. The 1999 Bills gave up 229 points. Before you point it out, yes I know that two of the touchdowns scored against the Bills this season were returns and not given up by the defense but this is overall points given up by the team.

3-0- That is the Bills road record. Its the first time they won the first three road games in a season since 1993. The last time they opened 4-0 on the road the Bills was 1965 and they were in the old American Football League . Put this stat on the back burner because they don't have another road game until November 10th in Cleveland.

24-39(.380)- That is the combined record of the teams left on the Bills schedule. Only two of the Bills 13 opponents currently have a winning record, New England and Baltimore. Philadelphia and Dallas are both 3-3. Every other opponent on the Bills schedule has a losing record at this point.

11-18(.379)- That would be the combined record of the teams the Bills have played while putting together their best start since the 2011 season. Their four victories have come against teams that have gone 5-18 through the first six weeks of the season.

10- The Bills just need to go 6-5 the rest of the season to reach the 10 win mark for the first time since 1999. Based on how the AFC is playing out, 10 wins should also be enough to get them a wild card spot.

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