Bills at Colts: Sal's keys, notes and stats

October 20, 2018 - 6:43 pm

Here are three key storylines, as well as notes and stats, as the Bills try to get back on the winning track Sunday in Indianapolis against the Colts.

New QB, who dis?

That would be Derek Anderson, 35 years old and a 13-year veteran.   He was just signed less than two weeks ago to basically be a mentor for rookie QB Josh Allen, and now suddenly thrown into the starting lineup after Allen was injured and backup Nathan Peterman threw a critical pick-six late at Houston last week. There’s no way Anderson will have a full playbook available to him, but he’s been around long enough and seen enough to be able to allow offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to customize a gameplan to his strengths.

Can the defense keep it up?

The Bills’ defense has been among the best in the league over the last four weeks. After a rough start to the season, they’ve done a complete 180-degree turn and have, for the most part, shut offenses down, or at least kept them in check enough to give their own offense a chance to win a low-scoring game. They are finally getting to the passer and creating turnovers the way they had hoped. But Sunday presents a much different challenge in Colts’ QB Andrew Luck, who is on pace to shatter the all-time record for pass attempts in a season. And it looks like he will have his No. 1 go-to wide receiver T.Y. Hilton available after Hilton missed time dealing with a hamstring injury.

Not-so special teams lately

The Bills' special teams units have made critical mistakes over the past two weeks, and it was one of the things that cost them a victory last Sunday in Houston. In that game, they had a punt blocked And muffed a punt themselves, which together lead to 10 points by the Texans. They also fumbled two kickoffs. The week before, they gave up a huge punt return to the Tennessee Titans, and botched a field goal attempt of their own. This team is not talented enough to afford special teams mistakes. That, and because of how they play on offense (conservative and low-scoring) their margin for error is way too small to begin with. Special teams mistakes will magnify that and make it very difficult to win any game.


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