Bills begin "acclimation period" of training camp

August 03, 2020 - 10:42 am

Now that the first round of COVID-19 testing is complete and players have had their physicals, the Buffalo Bills can begin their "acclimation period" of training camp.

So what does that mean and what's allowed, exactly?

Think about Phases 1, 2, and 3 during normal April through June workouts. That's basically what's allowed from August 3 through August 11, but with certain time restrictions that get loosened as the days go on, and an additional walk-through for the entire team.

According to an NFLPA email sent to players and obtained and published online on July 25 by NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, August 3 - 11 will be referred to as the "acclimation period" and consist of a maximum of two hours of strength and conditioning, with one hour devoted to the weight room and the other hour to on-field conditioning. Only strength and conditioning coaches are allowed to be with players while they are participating in these two hour strength and conditioning periods.

August 8 is a mandatory off-day, according to the memo, making it eight total days for the acclimation period.

On-field work will follow normal Phase 1 rules, as well, which means only quarterbacks, wide receivers, kickers, punters, and long snappers will be allowed to use footballs and in the following manors, which all fall under the CBA guidelines, from Article 21, Section 2(i):

"(1) quarterbacks may elect to throw to receivers provided they are not covered by any other player; (2) kickers, punters, PAT/field goal holders, and long snappers may use footballs on the field for kicking, punting, snapping or holding without the involvement of any other players; (3) returners may field punts and kickoffs provided they are not covered by any other player; (4) JUGGS machines may be used for pass catching, punt returns, and kickoff returns. Players cannot wear helmets during Phase One, except that players using JUGGS machines may wear helmets for safety purposes if the player so desires."

The one notable difference between normal Phase 1 activities and what's allowed now is that walk-throughs will be permitted for up to 60 minutes on each of the first four days, then up to 75 minutes on each of the final four days.

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