Adam Schefter predicts that LeSean McCoy will be traded

October 24, 2018 - 8:35 pm

There has been trade speculation on LeSean McCoy on and off for much of the 2018 Bills season. There have been reports that the Eagles have inquired on McCoy, and a report that the Bills asking price is 2nd and 3rd round picks. 

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter is maybe the most plugged in media member to NFL information. He joined the morning show on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning. When asked who he thinks will be the biggest name traded at the NFL trade deadline, this was Schefter's answer.

"My prediction today, I don't think Le'Veon Bell gets traded, I don't think Patrick Peterson gets traded. I think the biggest name that'll be traded, my guess will be LeSean McCoy.

"I just think that there'll be teams that make calls on him. If you're a team that needs a running back why not call the Buffalo Bills and try to get something done. I think other teams (other than the Eagles) have called on LeSean McCoy. There will be more teams that call on LeSean McCoy by next week. My prediction is when we have this conversation next Wednesday on Halloween, my prediction is he'll be the biggest name that gets traded."

Schefter does say this is purely a guess and he has nothing to report on whether a McCoy is imminent or where some destinations could be. It is noteworthy in any event that Schefter jumped right to McCoy as the biggest name that could be moved. 

McCoy has one more year on his contract after this season at just over a $9 million cap hit. If the Bills were to trade McCoy before the deadline they would carry a $2.65 million dead cap figure into next season. That would save the Bills over $6 million to their cap next year, not that that is a big concern at his point.

It appears that neither the Steelers or Le'Veon Bell are interested in a trade, so teams that are looking to add a running back to aide a playoff run could turn their attention to McCoy. The Browns shipped veteran running back Carlos Hyde to the Jaguars this week for a 5th round pick. Hyde has never rushed for 1,000 yards in his career, and if not for an injury in 2015, McCoy would be riding five straight years with 1,000 yards. It's pretty easy to see the Bills would get more than a 5th at the least. 

On the other hand, the hard part about trading McCoy, is teams rarely get good value when trading a running back, especially one who is 30-years old. In fact the last time a pick higher than the 4th round was traded for a running back was in 2013 when the Colts sent a 1st to the Browns for Trent Richardson. That was over five years ago.

McCoy is currently in concussion protocol which could further complicate a deal being done. In any event, we'll know McCoy's fate by next Tuesday.

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